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Hydrogen! You can put it in a bomb… Okay, bad idea. You can put it in a zeppelin… Once again, bad idea. How about a car? Wait a minute — you might be on to something there.

Enter the FCX Clarity, a sedan powered by fuel cells that Honda will be leasing to a select few private customers next summer. Now, I know what you’re thinking — how is it that a gas that was anathema to a dirigible be useful, even beneficial, to the environment when placed in a car?

Well, for starters, compared with plug in hybrids, the onboard energy supply of a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle is quicker to replenish and has a longer traveling capacity, to the tune of a range of 270 miles. According to Honda’s calculations, a fuel cell vehicle can, as compared to a gasoline vehicle, reduce carbon dioxide output by half. The Honda Company goes on to state that in a country where so much electricity is produced from coal, like the United States, it is an even better option than a battery-electric car.

honda hydro fcx 02 Honda FCX Clarity | Only For The Chosen

The technical statistics of the vehicle are duly impressive as well, with a motor that produces 134 horsepower and is capable of 189 pound/feet of torque.

Honda has not announced who will be lucky enough to drive the Clarity, or even how many of them will be available. The Clarity program will begin in Southern California, and the chosen ones will be selected, in part, because of their ready access to hydrogen stations. With the continued advancements in fuel cell technology, it looks like the only thing a hydrogen car will be blowing up is big oil.

To get a full design analysis, check out the FCX Clarity here.

honda hydro fcx 03 Honda FCX Clarity | Only For The Chosen

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