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Is nude the new standard of beauty? First Alicia Silverstone went nude for PETA, and now a new line of skincare appropriately named Nude is nestled among the Crème de la Mer on the beauty counter. But what makes “Nude” less stuffy and more “G”? I did a little digging to find out.

First off, the driving force behind the Nude skincare concept is “If you wouldn’t consider eating it, why put it on your skin? To that end, their products are all formulated without parabens, sulphates and all those other things you can’t pronounce and shouldn’t have to.

And if you’re like a lot of women who worry about protecting our planet and combating wrinkles, Nude tackles both. According to their website, their age-defying products contain peptides, phytoactives, bioactives and various biocompatible elements. What exactly does this mean? It means they use high performance natural ingredients that work with your skin’s existing biology.

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Even the packaging wins me over. Chic, modern and simple designs that not only look good, but are great for the environment. All bottles and jars are recyclable and made of 40% post industrial recycled plastic.

So, if you’re looking for a good excuse to browse the beauty aisle, Nude is worth checking out. After all, if you’re going to spend the money to look good, you might as well help Mother Earth out with her facelift, too.

You can find Nude products right now at Barneys and early next year at Whole Foods.

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