Hotel Triton | Green and HOT Pink

hotel triton green pink Hotel Triton | Green and HOT Pink

While I think it’s safe to say we’ve moved past the eco = “green with leaf motifs” phase, I’m finding the hot pink decor with strategic splashes of lime green that adorn the eco suites of San Francisco’s Hotel Triton both garish and inexplicable. I mean, am I right in assuming that people who opt for eco travel don’t have the same design aesthetic as someone seeking a quickie wedding in Vegas?

If so, no-one briefed the interior designer.

The hotel, established in 1991, is a brainchild of nine artists (aaahhh, now it all makes sense). I know, I know. It’s not very peace, love and Haight Ashbury of me to slag the hotel. But the aesthete inside me refuses to be silenced. What can I do? It’s a disease! But where (in my opinion) the design misfires, the intention is spot on.

The eco suites tick all the green boxes for sustainable accommodations: re-use laundry programs; water saving devices; energy efficiency programs; coffee service without the itty bitty creamers but soy bought by the gallon; low VOC paints; non-toxic cleaning products; recycled paper & soy ink for printing; and staff break rooms sans disposable cups. And if that isn’t enough to assure you, just check out the awesome (yet inexplicable) picture of the dolphin on the eco-room homepage.

So, if your looking for an environmentally-sound hotel experience in the Bay area, check out the Hotel Triton, where you won’t have to “sacrifice style (sic) and comfort to be environmentally conscious”. Depending on your taste, of course.

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