Human-Electric Hybrid Vehicle | Muscle Your Way Home

0 Human Electric Hybrid Vehicle | Muscle Your Way Home

For those of you who don’t mind putting a little muscle into your commute, check out the Human-Electric Hybrid Vehicle. Just be sure to watch the above video first.

Running on a combination of battery power and the power generated by your own pedaling, this amazing feat of technology uses electricity going up a hill and then recharges on the way down. A set of photovoltaics on the roof provide additional power.

On top of that, the HE can do a 360-degree turn without falling over.

Are they kidding with this? Clearly, it’s just a prototype, but it looks like a hybrid of Wonder Woman’s invisible plane and Fred Flintstone’s foot-powered car – two vehicles that are fun to look on TV, but would be ridiculous in real life. I appreciate the concept, but do they really think someone’s going to pedal their way around town looking like the boy in the plastic bubble?

From what I can see, it’s basically a battery powered bicycle with four sides added. Good idea, but not-so-great execution. Hopefully by the time this thing’s ready to join the market, it will have undergone some major design renovations. Until then, you’re better off with Matra’s Human Electric Hybrid Motorcycle. You’ll still be pedaling, but you’ll look way cooler.

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