Huski | Sustainable Australian Ski Pad

huski day spa 01 Huski | Sustainable Australian Ski Pad

There’s nothing like sashaying down the slopes on a snowboard (or it you’re old school like me, a pair of skis). Armed only with a Chapstick and a chocolate bar, you really feel alive and at one with nature…

Unfortunately, that experience can come to an abrupt halt when you’re greeted by a fleet of snow-chained SUVs at the end of your run.

But if you can get your head around skiing in June, it doesn’t have to be this way. Falls Creek ski resort in Victoria, Australia, is the world’s first alpine resort to be recognized by Green Globe 21, an international accreditation scheme for ecologically and socially sustainable tourism. No cars are allowed in the village for the entire season to “ensure the resort is fully ski in, ski out”.

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huski day spa 03 Huski | Sustainable Australian Ski Pad

So, where do you stay after a day of sunburn and bruised shins? The coolest choice has got to be Huski. Forget that rustic Alpine feel, these cutting edge apartments took their design queue from the segments of a snowflake. Melbourne-based architects Elenburg Fraser built the 14 apartments — ranging from a studio apartment to a deluxe penthouse — with a clean, modern design aesthetic in mind. From the contemporary furnishings to incredible snow capped views, Huski is the accommodation of choice for those not wanting to sacrifice style for sustainability.

Best of all, there are no exhaust fumes. Only the smell of exhilaration.

huski day spa 04 Huski | Sustainable Australian Ski Pad

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