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When you think of Iceland, you think: Björk, Sigor Ros and pickled herring (and no, this last one doesn’t have a MySpace page). Well, now this Northern European country is making a name for itself in the luxurious world of skin care — which is music to everyone’s ears, not to mention eyes, neck and décolletage.

Allow me to introduce you to three of Iceland’s coolest secrets.

Tær Icelandic had me at their icy, cool packaging — which houses their natural skin care line that bursts with active ingredients like organic herbs (grown using mineral-rich volcanic soil and crystal clear waters, algae extracts and essential oils). Their line of cleaners, toners, moisturizers and serums are a holistic indulgence.

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Moa, the green balm, combines nourishing yarrow and soothing tea tree oil with Iceland’s slow-growing super-herbs to create a therapeutic (some would say miracle) balm that can treat burns, heal eczema, soften cuticles and even take off make-up. It’s fast making the “it” lists for beauty editors everywhere.

The final beauty brand in my Icelandic trifecta comes from the Professor of Biochemistry at the University of Iceland, Dr Bragi — who has developed a unique line of skin care using marine enzymes in a clean, pure, natural gel base. Says Dr Bragi; “Enzymes are essential protein molecules that dramatically speed up chemical and biological reactions in living organisms”. That it comes in modern, minimal packaging doesn’t suck either.

It’s incredible to think that all of these exciting new advances in skincare are coming from a country with a population of just 300,000. But if Icelandic music is any indication of the country’s inherent potential — watch out commercial brands. You’ve got skin care equivalent of Björk’s swan dress coming atcha.

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dr bragi skin care 02 Ice Cold Beauty | Icelandic Skin Care

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