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In Fitness Consistency Gets the Goods

Posted By Anthony Anderson On November 15, 2009 @ 10:00 pm In Fitness/Diet,GreenChef Foodie Talk | 11 Comments

Opinions on what we should and should not eat flood our lives every day. I’ve been on a high-raw vegan diet for almost 5 years now. A good proportion of that ended up being green smoothies and superfood smoothies. If someone includes those two items into their day, its pretty difficult not to stay high-raw…they are total meals by themselves.

I’ve been branching out a little bit lately with what I’ve been listening to. Not exactly the same raw vegan material as before. I’ve been listening to some speakers with a more “paleo” style of eating, which would include raw, grass-fed meat and dairy. And eggs. LOTS of eggs. I heard a speaker online today talk about healing someone with 18 raw eggs a day.

Im not saying AT ALL that im going to get into that way of eating. I like my diet the way it is. I’ll occasionally have some pasture-raised chicken eggs, but the real bulk is in the superfoods, greens, and raw plant fats, especially hemp and coconut.

What im getting at is the variety of opinions out there. All camps have their facts AND results. And I think why many do get good results is because the diet is returning to a NON-processed, “whole-food” diet, which is likely high-raw and organic. Think of the shift that occurs when one switches to that level from the original factory-processed, low mineral-high sugar diet of the masses. For instance, compare wildharvested bee pollen or organic spirulina to the ever-popular canned tuna or corn-fed burger. We are dealing with a while new paradigm of living and eating that is just beginning to take hold in our culture. These organic and highly-mineralized diets obviously lead to results.

But people want to look good. And they want that to happen fast. Food helps, but you’ve got to EARN IT.

As a male model, trying my best to stay in shape for a living, this is what Ive learned. I workout before breakfast if at all possible. If I need to get in shape fast, I make it a priority. Then, post workout, I have a superfood smoothie. If youre into raw eggs, do that. Whatever works. Raw goats milk? Better than milk from cows fed GMO corn on feelots, which are likely hormone filled, um…you get the idea. Grass fed. Obvious. We are looking for minerals here. Me? Wild Greens and Superfoods. I’m a huge fan of spirulina and bee pollen. Raw organic honey is my sweetener of choice. I make a hemp milk (hemp butter blended with (The BEST possible) water) and add in the superfoods of the day. Maca. Milk Thistle. Chlorella. Goji Berries. RAW CACAO (chocolate). These foods, consumed on a regular basis for a month, WILL change consciousness. And, I am sure to have a green smoothie everyday. The more green juice and green smoothies I consume, the better I feel, and the more energy I have. I am active, and make it as easy as possible to do it by making it fun, or by putting a movie in front of me to keep my mind off the pain. This REALLY works.

Aiming to look as fit as possible is about:

1. CONSISTENTLY being active and challenging your muscles on a daily basis and;

2. Repairing those muscles and tissues with the best building blocks possible.
These materials are Fresh Springwater, Superfoods, and as many Leafy Greens as we can consume.
Preferably Wild.
Preferably harvested by yourself or your friends and family. And ultimately;

3. Loving yourself enough to give your temple (your body), the best possible building materials ALWAYS.
You are worth it. Seriously. You probably don’t even know how divine you really are.
Meditation, deep breathing, and spending time in nature really help with this.

These 3 things, done on a consistent basis, will get the goods. Its really simple when you get down to it. You’ve got to be physically active, and you’ve got give yourself the best food this planet has to offer.

Too easy (you’ll see).

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