Introducing A New G Living Monkie Author / Jazzy Singing Super Star Inaia

inaia jazzsingingmonkie intro 01 Introducing A New G Living Monkie Author / Jazzy Singing Super Star Inaia

All the Monkies here at G Living would like to welcome Inaia, one of our newest free roaming, globe trotting, green juice guzzling, “G” Living, Monkie Contributing Authors.

My name is Inaia and I consider myself a raw vegan, jet-setting, fashion-loving, jazz singer & house music DJ. My first full-fledged dive into raw food was while I was in Tokyo doing a 6-month singing contract at a 5-star hotel. I’d been vegetarian or vegan for the previous 20 years. I had experimented with raw food in varying percentages while living in Miami Beach and Paris for a couple years and had been reading about the diet, listening to podcasts, visiting websites, reading books and doing my research on it.

I had finally gotten to the point where the only thing left to do was dive in and see what effect a completely raw vegan diet would actually have on me, my health, my singing and my appearance. So I dove in.

inaia jazzsingingmonkie intro 03 Introducing A New G Living Monkie Author / Jazzy Singing Super Star Inaia

The first thing I noticed was that my voice got much stronger & clearer. My vocal range & power increased & my voice’s tone got clear & smooth. I had no more random congestion or post-nasal drip as I had before. There was also a wonderful mental clarity and focus.

I lost 15 lbs in my first month eating a 100% raw-vegan diet and then just stayed at that weight. I started to put on muscle mass incredibly easily. I needed much less sleep but could at the same time fall asleep more easily if I wanted to. My skin became super smooth and I started to look younger. I noticed that my previously-fragile health and voice seemed to have become practically indestructible.

Eating a raw vegan diet was allowing me to do my job much more easily and making my life more enjoyable because I didn’t have to live in a bubble anymore in order to be able to keep my voice healthy enough to sing 6 nights a week, 4 sets a night. I even noticed that when I traveled, I wouldn’t get tired or jet-lagged. It was amazing.

Nowadays, when I travel for singing contracts in 5-star hotels, I pack my boyfriend’s Magic Bullet (a portable blender) & bring it with me so I can order fruit & greens & make smoothies in my hotel room. I also review the hotel menu and figure out how to make small adjustments to certain dishes to make them raw vegan. It is way easier than I ever thought it would be to stay totally raw vegan.

Once a week I may cheat and eat a cooked vegan item like a vegan vegetable curry, but that’s as far as I go.

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I love traveling and fashion and meeting interesting people while I perform. I feel I’ve found a way to jet set and be vibrant at the same time. To me, that’s true luxury. I don’t think eating and drinking things that make me feel horrible and look and sound bad are a luxury.

Feeling vibrant, looking good, being fit & being able to sing well while seeing the world & different cultures is luxury to me and I am making it my mission to redefine luxury one choice at a time.

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