Instant Grass Roofs by Toyota

060828 roof grass 02 Instant Grass Roofs by ToyotaAre you thinking about building a new home or you currently own a home? Well you should think seriously about adding a green roof. They do some amazing things. They clean the water coming off your roof when it rains, helping remove any pollution in the water, and they keep your house well insulated. They also help fight the heat island effect all major cities have. Normally to install a green roof, you need to install a pretty expensive and heavy system, but Toyota is looking to change all of that with a new grass roof tile system.

TM9 turf mats are now ready for you to buy, making that grass roof you’ve always wanted a real possibility.

Toyota Roof Garden (subsidiary of the car company) is now taking orders for its modular grass tiles. The idea is that companies can reduce the urban heat island effect, thus cooling our great cities. TM9 roofing tiles also provide excellent thermal insulation.

Individual mats are twenty inches square, and about two inches thick. The mats are planted with a special brand of Korean velvet grass�it only needs to be cut once per year. The mats are irrigation system-ready; water can flow through tubes to channels in the mats, providing moisture to roots.

The price? Just $43 per square yard.

I confess that my real interest in the TM9 turf mat is that I keep looking for grass carpets, as found in Kurt Vonnegut’s 1959 novel The Sirens of Titan. In the book, carpets made of real grass are used to illustrate elegant living. I first read about the idea in Robert Heinlein’s Stranger in a Strange Land; winchell Ben Caxton had a living grass carpet in his bachelor flat.

I think that the TM9 would make a perfect “carpet square.” The cost to fully carpet my living room? Just $2,400 cheaper than laminate floors or regular carpet.

Green rooftops provide thermal insulation for buildings and can help combat the urban heat island effect. The annual Japanese market for rooftop and wall gardening products is expected to grow to between 10 and 15 billion yen (US$90 to 130 million) in the near futur

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