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Intelligent Energy | ENV Motor Bike

Posted By G Living Staff Monkies On December 8, 2008 @ 6:27 pm In Alternative Vehicles,Biking Monkie Style | 1 Comment

Intelligent Energy is set to revolutionize motorbike technology with its new ENV (Emission Neutral Vehicle) bike, the latest in a line of smarter new motorcycles that will be hitting the road soon. This thing looks like a souped up mountain bike, but there’s no need to pedal. It tops out at about 50 mph, and has range of about 100 miles – enough to get you to work and back pretty easily. Designed by award-winning British outfit, Seymourpowell, the bike looks easy to use. There are no gears, it has adequate suspension for offroad use and it just looks fun to drive.

Perhaps the greatest part of the design is the bike’s removable Core – a hydrogen-powered fuel cell that can be taken from the bike and used for electricity elsewhere. That’s right, Intelligent Energy is betting it all on the hydrogen future, and they seem uniquely positioned to re-shape the way the world thinks about power consumption with their motto “Clean power anywhere.”

More than just cool. The ENV bike embodies many issues that may define the future of transportation – and electricity distribution. This bike is a viable option for the one-person, one-vehicle commuting future, a trend that will hopefully soon replace the four-seater (or more) car because of the tremendous energy waste. The ENV also dispenses with inefficient internal combustion technology (which is far past its prime), opting for the hydrogen fuel cell, a vast improvement over combustion (but still only about 50% efficient).

Finally, Intelligent Energy’s Core promises to be a take-anywhere energy source that could reduce the dependence on inefficient and environmentally-damaging grid systems. This last point is the most revolutionary and — at this point in history — visionary.

Of course, there is the problem of filling the thing with hydrogen…

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