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Introducing A New G Living Monkied Blogger GreenChef / Rockstar Judita Wignall

Posted By Judita On May 10, 2009 @ 9:30 pm In Exclusive Interview Series,GreenChef Foodie Talk,Pop Culture / Celebrities | No Comments

Written by V Blak

Remember a few weeks back when I wrote it was a time of change? Well, you may have noticed those changes are happening. Yes, new site, new exclusive interviews and now… drum roll…. new G Living Monkied Blogs. I know what your saying — no way, monkied blogs, I have been waiting all my life for monkied blogs to come along! I feel you, because I have too. I imagined them to be much more highly designed, but all good things take time and are best done in baby steps. Right.

On that note, I would like to introduce our very first G Living Member Monkied Blogger and GreenChef, Judita Wignall. That is why today’s interview is so special. It’s a beginning of a new trend here. Very personal in-depth, hands on, straight forward, honest, fun, direct posts from the coolest people on the planet. Yes, G people, or as we like to call them here, Monkies.

Just a quick note, to catch everyone up on the Monkie thing. See, the characters all over the site with the glowing eyes, those thing are Monkies. Not Monkeys, but Monkies, and anyone who is as cool as they are, are also, Monkies. People who walk around with a fridge buzz going on and just do things because they don’t have a clue, are called Drones. Trust me you don’t want to be a drone. But there is hope, even for the drones, because the more exposure drones have to Monkies, the more chance they have to transform from being a grey dull drone, into a beautiful ultra cool Monkie. Isn’t life cool. Okay back to our very very special Monkied Number One, Judita.

Who is Judita? Well you could say, most of you already know her. Yes, she may even live in your house. You see, Judita is many things, a GreenChef, an Actress, Rock Star and a Guitar Hero. No not like your a Guitar Hero, but an actual Guitar Hero, she is the hot punk rocker chick Judy Nails character in the game. So, next time you pick up your plastic guitar and go at it, remember, Judy Nails is a Twisted Dark Green Juice Guzzling Space Monkie now. So strum on that.

But of course Judita, is so much more than that. She really is an amazing example of G Living realized. She loves her greens, so much so, she drives a 81 diesel Mercedes Benz, which she runs on used veg oil. She is even a trained professional GreenChef who also takes the time to train others and the G thing doesn’t stop there. She tells me, along with her husband, they are always looking to increase the amount of G in their lives. They are even going as far as getting off the electrical grid someday. They have worked out a plan, to hook her husband up to a treadmill / transformer, to capture the energy from his slightly white pale thin legs as they run up to 8 hours a day, fueled only with organic raw foods. They believe with the power of raw food, they could easily power 3 or 4 houses. Okay, I may have the off the grid thing a little wrong, the music was playing pretty loud, anyways…

Lets get to know her and make sure after you read this, go over to judita.monkied.com and read all her post. Also, jump over to her personal site at rawjudita.com to follower all her adventures or join her twitter feed.

G Monkie: Judita, I want to welcome you to G Living and congratulate you on everything you’re doing. You are very busy making your G Life happen. When did you realize you wanted to live G?

Judita: When I switched to a raw food diet two years ago, I realized the importance of being conscious of everything I consume. Whether I eat it, buy it, discard it, it has an impact good or bad. I wanted to make a positive impact by the way I lived and stop being part of the problem.

G Monkie: What is your diet like? Do you always eat raw vegan foods?

Judita: I eat a high raw vegan diet most of the time. I’m not dogmatic or obsessed about it. I’m a foodie who travels a lot so I enjoy trying out local cuisine wherever I am. I’m definitely at my best when I eat a simple, clean diet, though. I avoid meat, dairy, fried and processed foods. My typical day is green juice and/or a green smoothie and simple salads for lunch and dinner. If I’m doing recipe development that day then I eat whatever I’m whipping up. Usually it’s a slice of cake. Lots of cake, actually.

G Monkie: What is the story behind getting off the grid and your veg car?

Judita: My husband and I are on the quest for sustainable living. Our goal is to one day go solar, have our own well and grow our own food. I think we’re approaching critical mass in this country where we need to start fending for ourselves at least a little bit. California is suffering from drought yet people won’t stop watering their lawns. We live in a desert, why are we trying to pretend we live in the midwest? If it’s not edible or drought resistant then don’t grow it. It’s time to start being pragmatic and live within our available resources. Our next major project is turning our old flower beds into the garden of Eden. All edibles, that’s it. As for our veggie mobile, we each bought a Mercedes when gas was around $4 a gallon and figured we could save around $4500 a year if we ran them on used vegetable oil. We also liked the idea of sticking it to Big Oil.

G Monkie: What is the story behind becoming a Guitar Hero Character and what has that been like for you?

Judita: I auditioned to be one of the motion capture artists for Guitar Hero four years ago. Harmonix (the company designing the game) loved my audition tape and turned me into one of the characters and named her Judy Nails. It’s been a lot of fun working on the game every year, making appearances and watching the success of the game skyrocket. My band, the Scouts of St. Sebastian, has a song on Guitar Hero 3 as well which has been a huge push in getting new fans. It’s been amazing.

G Monkie: You play a musican in the game Guitar Hero, but in real life you really are a guitar hero in a band called the Scouts of St. Sebastian. What is going on with your band and how long have you been a musician?

Judita: I’ve been making music for twelve years. First in an all girl pop punk band called the Halo Friendlies. When we outgrew the music we went our separate ways and I started the Scouts of St. Sebastian with my husband. I love making music but it’s had to take a backseat as I started focusing on my acting and modeling and now creating and teaching raw cuisine. We’re close to finishing up our first album and hoping to start playing shows again soon.

G Monkie: What do you love about music and the musician lifestyle?

Judita: I love having a concept for a song and seeing it come to fruition. To finally hear that tune that’s been in my head for so long coming out of my speakers is so satisfying. Plus, playing live is the biggest rush ever. I miss touring the most, though. Going to new cities and meeting new people never gets old for me.

G Monkie: Do you have a ton of G Living musican / actor friends? Is the green / vegan / raw food lifestyle growing larger amongst your friends?

Judita: The music world seems to have a bigger heart for animals and the environment than any other part of the entertainment industry. When my band was on the Warped tour there were tons of vegans, we even had vegan catering. I don’t find a lot of veg lovers in the acting/modeling world for some reason. Fortunately, I’ve inspired a lot of my friends to go vegetarian and vegan in the past couple years so it’s encouraging..

G Monkie: I see in some of your photos on your site, people like Dhrumil, Raw Model and others from the raw food community. How important is that community and when did you start being part of it?

Judita: I met Dhrumil a year ago and he’s been a wonderful source of inspiration and support ever since. I try to go to the Give It To Me Raw meetups whenever I’m in NYC. It’s pretty much a big party when that crew gets together. Dhrumil is the catalyst for making the raw community so exciting out there. We need to clone him and put him in every city because that guy makes things happen.

G Monkie: You live in L.A. now, but have you always lived here? Where did you grow up and have you traveled a lot?

Judita: I was born in Lithuania and lived in Israel, Greece and NYC before my family settled down in Cleveland, Ohio. I went to college in New York and then ended up at the LA Film Studies Center and have been in California ever since. I travel every chance I get and would be content if I could travel from place to place forever. I think my next move might be Costa Rica.

G Monkie: What is your idea of a perfect life? Where do you see your life going?

Judita: As long as I’m creating something for a living I’m happy. Whether it’s writing a song, making an amazing meal or acting. It’s hard to say where I’ll be in the future. I love music, culinary arts, holistic healthcare and acting equally. I’m going to walk through whatever doors open up for me but if I could create the perfect life it would be traveling from LA to NYC to Costa Rica doing all of the things I love.

Read more post by Judita at judita.monkied.com

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