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Introduction | Home Buyer Joanna Brody

Posted By Whitney Sander On February 2, 2009 @ 1:45 pm In Architecture / Interior Design,G Living | 2 Comments

Post by Sander Architects Client Joanna Brody (The Briard House)

Hello everyone and thanks for visiting. I am Joanna Brody, one half of the Brody-Small client. I own a public relations firm that focuses on social and environmental causes and issues (www.brody-pr.com – shameless plug #1). Commissioning this house has been nothing short of an amazing experience and a total blast. When we tell people we are building a house, responses range from “I’ve always wanted to do that” to “I hope your marriage is strong” to “Are you still speaking to your architects?” Well, we are privileged to be able to do this, our marriage is stronger than ever, and not only do we still speak to our architects, we socialize with them on a regular basis and they have become dear friends! (www.sander-architects.com – shameless and totally deserved plug #2). And we have an amazing contractor to boot, Sean Icaza of Icaza Construction (shameless and totally deserved plug #3).

Now we gave this team some tough, tough criteria: A piece of art (Whitney only does art), green and inexpensive. It’s sort of like the saying – You want it fast, cheap and good? Pick two! Well our amazing team is succeeding on all three fronts. We have been blessed with a talented, creative and push-the-envelope group of architects, designers, builders and subcontractors who are excited to bring this project to life despite – or maybe because of – the ultra-challenging brief.

We have had to make some hard decisions and major compromises along the way in order to keep the project within the budget and as green as possible. And there have been disagreements between all of us. But so far we’ve managed to work out each challenge as it comes long. This is due a great deal to Whitney’s continuing hands-on participation in the project and frequent visits to the site.

I also would like to commend the city of Culver City. This small hamlet in the middle of the Los Angeles megalopolis has been a fantastic partner in this project. Not only are they nimble and quick with responses, alterations and approvals, but they are architecturally progressive and open to breaking the mold. We thank them for their support and we are eager to become residents of this community.

One last – but perhaps the most important item to address in this introduction is Who is the Briard? Hobbes is the briard. He is our magnificent 6-year-old French sheepdog. As an adventurous creature who brings us constant joy, he is most deserving of a beautiful and functional home. He too is excited to be a Culver City resident.

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