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Hello and thanks for visiting the site. My name is Whitney Sander, and I am the architect of the House for a Briard. I have been working in architecture since 1974, and have been on my own for almost twenty years. My firm designs residential and commercial projects that are contemporary in design and green in ethos. We search for the leanest, most up-to-date materials for our projects, most of which are actually strikingly beautiful. I always try to start simply in each prjoect, because complexity will necessarily follow. I also give each project “good bones:” a regular rythm of structure which means it will be simply built. This means that many of my projects show columns at regular intervals, and walls and spaces move around them.Designing this house has been a magnificent experience.

When Thomas and Joanna first asked me to design it, they said they wanted the greenest building that I had ever designed. “And,” they said, “we have no money.” That determined that we would try an idea I had been pursuing for some time: prefabricated elements. The first house I designed in this way used a prefab steel frame (|residential|Residence for a Sculptor 3). The residence for a Briard uses a prefab building shell, made in inland California, which arrived on site about four weeks ago. The entire shell cost $22,000. This includes all structural frames, all secondary structure and the building skin and roof, for that price. The slab was completed last week, and the frames will begin erection next Monday.

I look forward to providing frequent updates on our progress. If anyone needs more information, contact me at



whitney sander architect 02 Introduction | Mr Whitney Sander, Architect

  • cityspot

    how do i view the house progress photos?

  • Whitney Sander

    Hello Cityspot:

    We are nearly finished with the Green Sandwich part of the construction. This is a particularly messy phase, and when this is completed we will upload images. It’s an amazing product: tall styrofoam panels with wire mesh cages around them. Concrete is sprayed on the outside of the panels and they become firm. We should have images in a week o so.

    Thanks for your interest.

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