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iPAD Home Takes Simple Living To A New Level

Posted By G Living Staff Monkies On June 2, 2008 @ 3:58 pm In Architecture / Interior Design,G Living | 1 Comment

You’ve heard of the iPhone and the iPod, but what about the iPAD? It’s not some high tech mousepad from Mac — though I’m sure those are coming. It’s a lightweight kitset building from architect Andre Hodgskin. One thing these iTechnologies do have in common… they simplify your life without compromising style.

This New Zealand architect first become popular in the design world back in 2000 when he debuted the BACHKIT, a holiday home that featured a host of adjustable parts — including sliding walls, which allow the place to feel personal and blend the realm between outdoor and indoor living. In the architect’s second installment of portable homes, the iPAD takes simple living to a new level. The iPAD can be used as a one- bedroom holiday home, office, studio or resort unit, but it can also be grouped into a series of pavilions, allowing for larger accommodations. In addition, various external color options are available, as are external cladding like extendable decks to suit individual taste and needs.

Naturally, each home is equipped with normal bathroom and basic kitchen facilities, electric appliances, laundry, and fireplace. The iPAD has a sleek, simple feel… no-nonsense or clutter, just the basic necessities for life.

The single and double unit iPADs look like great starter homes for a student or recent graduate, young couple or individual starting over. Grouped together, the iPAD could serve uses such as retirement homes with individual suites, dormitory functions or vacation bungalows or rentals.

But as permanent residences for long-term living or larger families, I think the iPAD falls short. Measuring a total of 50 meters squared (with optional decks adding additional outdoor space of 55 meters squared), the iPAD vibes more like one or two bedroom apartments or condos rather than an actual home residence. Of course, the iPAD has the added appeal of outdoor space and the benefit of standing alone unlike apartment living, but it still doesn’t equate the feel of, say, a four-bedroom house with front and backyard property. Their open floor plan doesn’t allow for as much privacy or space as is needed with more people living under one roof.

One of the best things about the iPAD is the fact that it can be manufactured off-site and easily transported to its final destination or shipped as a kitset and erected at the property by a licensed contractor. With the recent surge in natural disasters and the crisis of finding temporary housing for people who are displaced, the iPAD could serve as a great source of housing relief.

But as a residence for one, the iPAD is definitely a place I could see myself starting out. Priced at $125,000 (New Zealand currency), the iPAD is sure a value for its money if considering the cost of purchasing your average condo or even a portable trailer home.

I’d call it an innovative design for individual living, but not an all-around housing solution. Of course, if the iPAD catches on the way the iPod and iPhone did, architect Andre Hodgskin could find himself the Steve Jobs of the home design world.

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