Is America Ready For Something New, Different, Other Than A White Male For President?

obama progress 01 Is America Ready For Something New, Different, Other Than A White Male For President?

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As a half-breed (Japanese/English) female, non-American citizen (and unable to vote), I feel I’m uniquely positioned to comment on the upcoming Presidential elections. I can tell you completely agree, so here we go.

First off, I know what your thinking, so what exactly are my qualifications? I have none. I just like the sound of my own internal monologue. Seriously, the only thing I have in common with Arianna Huffington is a European passport and a strong dislike of the Bush administration. In any case, here I go — a looksy at the candidates, with specific emphasis on race.

As it appears Hillary’s chances at the top spot are dwindling like a menopausal candle, I don’t think we need to entertain the scenario of the first fembot… I mean, female President. But it’s interesting that her win in West Virginia tonight is largely attributed to the “white vote”, a sign that race may indeed be a factor. But with Barack’s seemingly unassailable lead, the Presidency appears to be between Republican white grouchy old man, John McCain and dashing black virile male Democrat, Barack Obama.

First rule of professional political punditry is to remain impartial at all times. Earlier this year, Obama survived the mad rants of his former pastor, Reverend Jeremiah Wright. Can you believe this guy? Imagine being so self-obsessed that you’d put your pathetic 15 minutes ahead of America’s chance at a black President — something he’d supposedly been working a lifetime towards. And I thought attacks (racist or otherwise) were supposed to come from the other side.

After eight years of the Bush administration, can the democrats finally win, or as Jon Stewart puts it: “Will they snatch defeat out from the jaws of victory”? Will America embrace Barack’s vision for change or will they opt for status quo (war, corruption and a disregard for the environment)? And is America really ready for a black President?

While a CNN poll suggests that 76% of Americans are indeed ready for a black President, the Washington Times quotes a woman outside a NYC polling station, who says of Barack: “He’s a half-breed… how can you trust that?” Then there was the race-inspired vandalization of Obama’s headquarters in Longview, Texas. Talk about mixed messages. Television and film embraces the idea of black Presidents from Dennis Haysbert’s depiction of Davd Palmer in Fox’s 24 to Morgan Freeman’s President Tom Beck in “Deep Impact”. And given that a majority of Americans spend more time enjoying other people’s lives than there own, in a way we’ve already experienced it. Yeah, we’re ready.

Although I can’t officially vote, you know that a half-breed like me will be baracking for one of my own.

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