Is The VW UP / Really The Apple iCar?

vw up04 Is The VW UP / Really The Apple iCar?


VW shows off a new concept car called the UP. Could this be the rumored Apple / VW vehicle all of us will instantly want to go along with our iPhones and MacBook Pros? Well, if the interior is any hint, I am guessing the UP is not too far off from a future iCar. Buzz around the internet earlier in the month, was that Volkswagen and Apple were collaborating on an iCar project, so it wasn’t surprising when VW’s rear-engined up! Concept Car was introduced in Frankfurt, and a close-up of the dash’s navigation, climate, and in-car entertainment screen revealed a suspiciously Mac OS-eqsue interface, with Mac screen fonts, Mac reflections, and even Mac-like universal pictograms for each function.

According to a recent intervie with VW CEO Martin Winterkorn, there will be a "New Small Family" of value-priced rear-engined cars.

via: AutoblogGreen Like the original Volkswagen and the much newer Smart ForTwo, the up! has it’s engine mounted in the back driving the rear wheels. Unlike the Smart, the VW gets four seats into its 11.3 foot length. As a somewhat more practical challenger to the Smart, it may be interesting to look back at the history of Smart. The Smart was conceived by Swatch founder Nicholas Hayek and was originally a partnership with VW. Now VW has built this new car as a low cost urban transportation module with low CO2 emissions.”
vw up02 Is The VW UP / Really The Apple iCar?

vw up03 Is The VW UP / Really The Apple iCar?

vw up05 Is The VW UP / Really The Apple iCar?

vw up01 Is The VW UP / Really The Apple iCar?

  • Luke Brinsmead

    I think its a great symbiosis for these two niche companies, i own a volkswagen golf and an apple macbook pro, so for me i could be a little bias about responding to the ‘rumors’. But there is no denying the fact that both these companies are built upon a reputation for being well designed and easy to use. So i think people who appreciate those qualities, who need a new very small car and want to help save the planet will definitely buy this car, but these people are far and few between. I think if apple teamed up with say toyota, honda or mazda, they might have a larger potential market because volkswagen, in australia at least, for some reason isn’t as hip or cool as the other mentioned makes, probably to do with marketing or the slightly higher price. Anyway, i'll buy one if i don't need a bigger car than that in a few years time. I wonder who initiated the partnership, apple or volkswagen, any thoughts?

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