It’s a Small World

Years ago, researching the issues surrounding genetically engineered foods, it was hard to find many people who were knowledgeable or informed. Groups like Organic Consumers were trying to spread the word and build support, but the seeds of resistance and awareness were just being sown. As Dylan once sang, “The times they are a changin'” and the worldwide grass roots efforts are becoming a Green Force.

For me, the changes have been a treat on many levels. I no longer feel like part of a fringe cult when I talk about the GMO problems. Millions of others are not only talking about it, they’re doing something. Actually, they’re doing all kinds of things in every corner of the globe. Successful efforts, to promote fair trade and sustainable agriculture, preserve biodiversity, raise awareness and opposition to monoculture-agribusiness-GM crops and promote healthful local foods, are now everywhere.

For the last few months I have been part of a documentary film project that spans the globe covering the individuals and organizations involved in creating the change. We have focused on the battles and victories and the issues have become more personal as the people have shared their stories and touched our lives.

The Reel Deal

The support has been overwhelming and incredibly energizing for a muckraker like me who generally focuses on the transgressions of the biotechs. It is a refreshing change to look at the positive. With appreciation to some of our contributors the focus of this report is the positive news coming from the work they are doing.

If you haven’t had the chance to check out G Living’s newest GreenChef, Sarma MeIngailis, you should. As a fellow New Yorker I discovered Sarma’s food talents by sampling some of her Lucky Duck granola. She has one of the very few totally GMO-FREE food lines in the city. One bag and I was hooked, not just because it really was pure GMO free food; it was fabulous. You can order some items online at

That was just the beginning as anyone who has ever tasted\nthe desserts can swear her coconut sundaes are worth skipping a trip to Little nItaly’s best bakery. To sit in her garden at Pure Food and Wine, while delving into a treat that’s heavenly and healthful, is about as good as life gets. Using a pure and simple approach of serving fabulous foods, Sarma is transforming the image of raw, vegetarian fare by putting haute in healthful.

From the Big Apple to the Big Island of Hawaii, our next\nstory is one more reflective of the front line struggle. Their David and Goliath type battle is\ncharacteristic of the GMO wars. Aloha and congratulations to the anti-GMO activists in Hawaii who achieved a landmark victory in court last week. While few on the mainland were aware, our Paradise State was under siege by pharma crops\nand wide spread pollution from GMO papaya. Even the sacred taro became an issue in the fight for food sovereignty.

As one of the most beautiful and unique ecosystems was\nthreatened her people banned together to preserve the native species from\nextinction. It hardly does their many\nyear battles justice to summarize the countless victories with the mention of\none court case but we\’ll give you more about these Freedom Fighters in the movie.”

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