GreenChef Melissa Davison | It’s Fruit Sushi Time

“This was certainly a new concept for me. A sweet tropical kind of “sushi”. Rice made out of macadamia nuts, and topped with delicious fresh fruits and a fruit dipping sauce. No nori, no soy sauce, no real rice and certainly nothing fishy here. It was a refreshing twist on sushi though with cute little chop sticks and dipping it in a zesty raspberry puree. I really enjoyed it. It was a bit on the higher fat side with the macadamias and quite filling, but also very healthy. It was like a fun naughty desert.” – Indulge

fruit sushi time GreenChef Melissa Davison | Its Fruit Sushi Time

Fruit Sushi
(by rawchef Melissa Davison)

For the Rice:

2 Cups Macadamias

2 TB Agave Nectar

3 TB CocoPura Virgin Coconut Oil

Pinch of Salt

Step 1: Process all ingredients until rice like.

Step 2: Press into sushi molds. You can get these at Asian markets for a few dollars.

Step 3: Place in the freezer to set and firm up while making the dipping sauce and fruit topping.

For the Raspberry Dipping Sauce:

1 Cup Fresh Water

1 Cup Fresh Raspberries

1 Cup Soft Pitted Dates to thicken.

Blend until smooth and pour into decorated saucers for dipping the sushi.

Garnishing Options: Pomegranates, raspberries or blackberries look fantastic on the tray next to the sushi pieces. Remove the “rice” pieces from the freezer, and top them with thinly sliced fruit such as strawberries, mango, blueberries halved, and mint leaves. Be fun and creative!

fruitsushi GreenChef Melissa Davison | Its Fruit Sushi Time

  • Victoria Luks

    I made this one for a Home Economics exam in year twelve for cocktails… and it was pure gold!!… tastes great… especially the raspberry sauce (AND SOOO HEALTHY TOO)… so cheers!

  • gliving

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  • Karoline

    What a great idea, it looks amazing. off to the kitchen!

  • RawNatureboy

    RT @gliving: [New Post] GreenChef Melissa Davison | It's Fruit Sushi Time – via #twitoaster
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  • Spitfire

    I made this just last night for dinner. I made the nut mixture a few days in advance and used ice cube trays, rather than sushi molds. I left the nut mixture in the freezer up until a few hours before my guests were to arrive and then added the fruit garnishes. I used strawberries, kiwi, mango, and black raspberries. I served the “sushi” with the raspberry dipping sauce and mango puree. Everyone complimented these appetizers!

  • TopstiX

    Love this! We have seen this done with candy, too. Pair it with our Swarovski covered chopsticks for an even brighter look!

  • Melissa Mango

    I still make this for a lot of my clients and they flip for it! I am glad everyone likes it! Thank you G! for having me on….

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