Jazzanova | Dirk Rumpff | …Broadcasting From Offtrack Radio

jazzanova dirk rumpff broadcasting from offtrack radio Jazzanova | Dirk Rumpff | …Broadcasting From Offtrack Radio

Review by Marlon Regis, BPM Magazine

Luckily, we have the luxury of categorizing genres into even more subgenres, because when German ensemble Jazzanova and DJ/Producer/Radio presenter Dirk Rumpff put their ears together, the music selections on here can’t be easily pigeonholed.

From nu soul to nu jazz, from broken beat to minimal house and everything else in between, the gems on …Broadcasting all incorporate a soul-infused class to them. On “Turn it On” by Mark Pritchard & Steve Spacek, a slow, atmospheric, undefined type of spacey soul glides throughout the musical galaxy, while Fat Freddy’s Drop on their “Del Fuego (Carl Borg Remix)” paint the prettiest winter scenery with chords fitting of a movie score.

Only the sexiest of vocals appear on tracks that ooze with ingredients of jazz such as for Zoetic’s “My Magic” featuring Paul Randolph, or when Slope and Clara Hill combine for “Suddenly (A Coffeebreak).” But the ultimate, even though in acoustic form, is the angelically sung, “Held Him First” by Deyampert.

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