John Cusack Writes An Open Blackberry Message To President Obama, Release The Torture Photos

john cusack obama 01 John Cusack Writes An Open Blackberry Message To President Obama, Release The Torture Photos

What is happening to Obama, why is he tossing out the change message and sticking with more of the same hide the truth policy from the Bush years? Movie Star / Filmmaker John Cusack wrote an open Blackberry messages to President Obama, asking him to keep his promise of change. John and millions of other supporters are upset with Obama’s decision to block a court decision to finally release all of the photos taken by military members of abuse happening in Iraq and Afghanistan. Here is part of his letter from Huffington Post:

John Cusack: If I had the President’s Blackberry, I would send this.

President Obama,

On Wednesday you reversed your administration’s promise to finally release pictures of detainee abuse.

The release of the photos was won by ACLU lawyers who have fought to bring to light the full extent of the brutality and torture that U.S. Army and intelligence services have perpetrated against human beings in Iraq, Afghanistan, Guantanamo Bay and at CIA “black sites” around the world. Torture that was sanctioned and effectively legalized under the former administration, and that, if we are to be honest, most Americans knew — or should have known — was being carried out in our names.

Only now is the knowledge starting to give rise to the widespread outrage and calls for accountability that such crimes against humanity deserve. Growing numbers of citizens are demanding the independent investigation and prosecution of the members of the Bush administration responsible for the vitiation of fundamental legal principles like habeas corpus and the flagrant violation of both international and domestic laws against torture. The pundits, hacks and shills who dismiss these calls for investigation and prosecution — integral to any serious definition of accountability — disgrace themselves and their country.

The situation in which we now find ourselves is so bizarre, it’s hard to fathom. New revelations continue to surface — we learn that Vice President Cheney’s office ordered and specified how a man was to be tortured, and mounting evidence suggests the United States tortured to extract false confessions that would justify preemptive war on Iraq. Yet a Democratic president leads a Democratic congress to whitewash institutionalized torture and in effect trash any conceivable notion of the rule of law, all in the name of “looking forward.”

And now we hear that the administration will block the release of new evidence in this hideous criminal conspiracy. Now you, the president who came to power with promises of transparency and change, say you don’t want to release the photos because they “will further inflame anti-American sentiment” and endanger U.S. troops fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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  • karen

    Absolutely. It just makes me wonder what else they are not showing us. The photos are probably not even scratching the surface of what we do not know. And they do not tell us.
    John is absolutely right.

  • karen

    I told you before and I’ll tell you again. If there wasn’t a truck load of money there, They would not be there either. It’s just too bad a lot of innocent lives are being lost because they actually believe the garbage the government is dishing out to them. It’s a huge money scam is what it is. Those people are so crooked. liars and thieves. all of them. Any party.

  • karen

    In case you didn't know. BlackWater got their contract renewed recently under Obama administration.

  • Mojgansfairygarden

    John you are one louder voice that this
    Nation needs , The political pollution is
    Getting worse everyday.keep up the good work brother.

  • Mehedinteanu Ana Maria

    Way to go John!!!Kick that presidential ass!!!I love you man!!!:*:*:*
    Americans vote John Cusack for president!!!:)

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