John Smedley | Cotton Masquerading As Cashmere

john smedley cotton cashmere John Smedley | Cotton Masquerading As Cashmere

There’s no shortage of bankruptcy-inducing English brands on the market. From Burberry and Alexander McQueen to Paul Smith and Dunhill, these established high-end luxury labels are as desirable as they are decadent.

But here’s something to get excited about: a UK designer label that’s both sumptuous and socially conscious.

Old-time English luxury label, John Smedley (established 1784), best known for their opulent knitwear, have teamed up with Better Thinking Ltd. to come up with the perfect tee. The shirt is touted as “Luxury Redefined” — and with two years in the making, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better made garment.

“Using only sustainable organic cotton grown in the Peruvian Highlands, fair-labor workers handpick each puff, singling out the longest fibers. The mounds of cotton are then ginned and spun close to the farm in Peru and transported to Smedley’s pre-industrial revolution factories in Derbyshire, England”.

Don’t let the Dickensian terminology put you off — the end result is a perfectly cut, thoroughly modern tee.

The long-sleeved crew consists of over one million knitted stitches, eliminating the need for unsightly seams. And more importantly, the shirt feels more like a cashmere blend than cotton. Enough to satisfy the sybarite in all of us.

Available this spring, John Smedley’s Luxury Redefined line proves that when it comes to the environment, the old boys of Old Blighty are learning new tricks.

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