Juice Feasting | 92 Days of Nothing but Juice

angela stokes 01 Juice Feasting | 92 Days of Nothing but Juice

(Re-featured - Angele Stokes Amazing Courage and Spirit For Positive Change – Posted in 2007)

They say that fiber is a big key to a healthy diet, and it’s true, fiber is very important.However, sometimes it’s the lack of fiber that helps cleanse and flush out the toxins and access fat. And I’m not talking about a fast food diet of white bread and coke. Rather it is a unique nutritional approach that is similar to a fast accept that you are giving your body all the same calories and nutrition it needs, just minus the fiber. Angela Stokes calls it a Juice Feast Diet, and she has just come off of doing the diet for 92 days. For the past 3 months, Angela has not consumed a single piece of solid food or fiber. Her diet consisted of 1500 calories a day of vegetable and fruit juices, water, coconut water and some oils. Angela Stokes, prior to going on this juice diet, had been on an all raw diet for several years. Before she went on the raw diet she weighed 279 lbs. After going on the diet she got down to 138lbs. She lost 18 lbs. after the 92 days.

Here is a video blog of Angela on the day she broke her 92 day juice fast explaining what her amazing experience and transformation was like and what is like to eat a piece of solid food again after so long.


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The purpose of going on a juice diet is not weight loss though. It is to give the body a holiday basically from its tireless and endless job of food processing and digestion, of breaking down all the solid food and fiber. The organs still have their jobs to do of making insulin and processing fat and proteins and carbs etc. but apparently the digestion and processing of all that solid food takes a lot of energy. By freeing the body up from that job by making a juicer do all the hard work, the body all of a sudden has a surplus reserve of energy to subsidize other energy intensive projects. Like going to work detoxing out old toxins and healing and rejuvenating its organs. It’s kind of like when the body goes to sleep at night. One of the reasons our body makes us shut down for 8 hours a day is so that it can redirect its energy from the daily processes, digesting food, moving, thinking etc. and devote the energy into repairing and recharging. They don’t call it beauty sleep for no reason. Even while we still dream and have some mental activity going on, the brain waves are slowed down considerably to a level that requires very little energy to maintain. Our minds burn a lot of calories while we are awake just churning away.

Also, all of the nutrients, the proteins, vitamins and minerals etc. are much more easily absorbed into the body directly because it doesn’t have to try to extract them itself, in which its efficiency at doing so is never perfect and always dependent on the person and other factors. So you can actually absorb and get more nutrition from drinking just the juice of a food rather then the whole food. Not to say that the fiber is not important and useful. I believe in a whole food diet, long term. Fiber slows down the rate in which things are processed and that can be a very good thing. Especially for slowing down the rate of sugar entering the blood so that it doesn’t do it all at once and cause the pancreas to secrete an insulin surge to process the glucose. Too much high sugar fruit juice might not be the best thing for a lot of people. Vegetable juices are a better choice as they are lower in the sugars and better balanced in macro-nutrients.

angela stokes 02 Juice Feasting | 92 Days of Nothing but Juice

  • Blair Boudousquie

    Wow, Angela, I am deeply moved. I can see your inner Light radiating so clearly through your entire face. Thank you so much for sharing this profound experience. I can't wait until I am able to share such an experience!

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    […] I’ve had only liquids for a whopping three days so far. I saw this piece about Angela Stokes who did this for 92 days. That’s a loooong time! Doing what I do, it’s not easy to not actually eat anything, be we’ll see. Last time I tried this my energy spiked and it felt pretty good, so I’ll report back soon. For now, below is a recipie for a shake I drink almost every day (even when not doing this whole liquid-only thing). I LOVE cilantro, and below you’ll also find some reasons why that’s a good thing (now I sound like Martha). […]

  • Lena Buhr


    You glow and you look amazing! Must try that Juice Fast Diet before the end of this summer of the year 2007! Stunning!

    Love and peace, Lena

  • http://www.pushupsfortheplanet.com austin.r.montgomery

    The only thing I caution, is that the body was made to perform that endless process of digestion. If it needed breaks, we'd have been removed from the evolutionary scheme of things. I think it needs a healthy diet. Juice, fruit, veggies, whole grains, whatever, just eat healthy.

    Angela's success stems not from juice, but from a choice to a healthy diet. A choice to consume what her body needed, not what it wanted. A choice to limit her calories, whether she realized it or not. Consume any one food group for 92 days, and I'm sure you'll reduce calories because you're sick of only that type of food.

    Congrats to Angela though, because she made it work. However, the bit about your digestive track taking time off is a falsehood. It doesn't know if you're dumping down juice or rice & dumplings, it just does its job. Do you think it has a mini-brain that says, "hmmm, I need a break, hey Ang, why don't you give me juice now." No, it does its job. Period.

  • Danielle

    once she starts eating solids normally (with sodium, sugars, etc)
    wont the weight come right back?

  • http://greenchefs.tv Indulge

    Actually, speaking evolutionary, our bodies did not receive endless amounts of food, all day, everyday. As hunter/gatherers, we would go for long periods of time without solid foods. Cycling through periods of fasting and feasting was natural. This ability of ours to go for such long periods without food, played a major part in our survival. In fact, most animals in nature fast. Mostly when they are ill, although sometimes when they just can't find food. Or they're hibernating. We didn't evolve with fast food restaurants around every corner and 24 hour grocery stores. Think about it.

    Yes, it will continue to do it's job the best it can, if we never use our big brain to decide to give it break. Although it is not dumb either, the somatic brain plays a major role in digestion. Which is why it is bad for digestion to eat when you are emotionally upset or angry. It is connected and effected by our thoughts and emotions, it's not just a machine. And in general it does take a lot of energy doing that job, and the more difficult to digest foods, the harder it has to work. Free up that energy and it can be used for something else. Same principle of getting tired after a big meal, energy is going towards digestion. Or getting tired after a hard workout, energy is going towards repairing muscle damage. We give our bodies a rest from working out at least 1 day a week, as recommended, and a longer rest every month or so. We give our minds and body a rest every night for 7-8 hours, including digestion etc. A fast is just a longer rest once in a while.

    Angela was eating a healthy diet for years and years before this fast. Much of her success and weight loss was due to that healthy diet, which is key. But obviously she had even a greater experience of even higher health and clarity after this fast, even after years of eating healthy.

    Danielle, the majority of the weight Angela lost was a steady loss over years from eating a healthy diet. During her fast, she did consume sodium and sugars in the juices, however it is natural for some of the weight you lose when fasting to come back after you end the fast. Fasting is not a good way to try to lose weight, as that should be done with a diet and lifestyle that you will maintain steadily for years, or permanently. Generally, people do lose some weight when fasting, although, yes a lot of it will come back once the calories increase again.

    It is difficult to just decide to fast VOLUNTARILY though. I have not fasted in a very long time. I just love food too much. I know it would be good for me if I did though and felt great in the past when I have done it. But it does take a lot of discipline though or desire. Here are some interesting studies I found about some natural possible benefits of giving the body a break from the endless process of digestion….

    "Science Daily — A new mouse study suggests fasting every other day can help fend off diabetes and protect brain neurons as well as or better than either vigorous exercise or caloric restriction. The findings also suggest that reduced meal frequency can produce these beneficial effects even if the animals gorged when they did eat, according the investigators at the National Institute on Aging (NIA)."

    "Every other day fasting seems to provide mice with much of the known health benefits that calorie restriction diets are known to provide.

    An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but could eating an apple every other day be better?

    A new study by researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, raises such a possibility. It shows that healthy mice given only 5 percent fewer calories than mice allowed to eat freely experienced a significant reduction in cell proliferation in several tissues, considered an indicator for cancer risk. The key was that the mice eating 5 percent fewer calories were fed intermittently, or three days a week.

    What is encouraging about the findings is that the reduction in cell proliferation from that intermittent feeding regimen was only slightly less than that of a more severe 33 percent reduction in calories. Until now, scientists have been certain only of a link between a more substantial calorie reduction and a reduction in the rate of cell proliferation.

    The results of the study are scheduled to appear in the May 2005 issue of the American Journal of Physiology-Endocrinology and Metabolism, but are now available online."

  • LG

    she looks lovely – and has a great set of breasts

  • http://JuiceForFasting.com Juice for fasting

    During a juice fast your digestion can become more efficient. Your colon will become much more cleaner and slightly detoxed. Due to your colon becoming more clean, the absorption of nutrients into the body will increase. Remember, having a healthy body will increase you to burn more calories. People who are healthy tend to eat a lot less due to their more active lifestyle.

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