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jnovotny Juli Novotny | Creator of Kookie Karma

It may seem as though I have fallen off the face of the Earth – well, at least in cyberspace that is. The truth is, I’ve been busy having babies – yes – and not one but TWO babies! Which as some men and women know, takes a lot of a person’s ‘spare’ time and energy. But, I’m back, and back with a vengeance.

My latest endeavor is this pregnancy blog I started. It’s all about modern “G” baby products as well as optimal nutrition for pregnant woman, new moms (and dads too), and babies alike! It’s full of raw vegan recipes, daily menu ideas, lunchbox ideas and pregnancy foods.

The blog will help you learn the importance of, as well as how, to feed your kids right and how starting now is the key to calm, loving, smart, and healthy children.

My next creation has resulted from numerous requests from readers asking for product ideas and ingredient suggestions. So, I have created an online store called, Juli’s Favorites, that is full of only the best of the best raw and holistic superfoods on the market today.

I am constantly on the lookout for new, wonderful, clean, gourmet, organic food products and kitchen “cooking” tools. So keep checking back for more and more of the best stuff on the web.

Of course we also sell my Kookie Karma products, but we are also one of only two online stores that carry Tomberlies Raw Vegan Ice Cream – the best raw food item on the market right now.

It’s important to eat right, so why not enjoy it? Right? That’s what I would like to show everybody how to do – help you and your kids enjoy their food while transforming moods and sleeping patterns, boosting the immune systems, and preventing diabetes and obesity…

I could go on and on and on! I’m so continually amazed at how changing the diet to a clean, pure, fresh, no-BS one can also change your mood, your appearance, your mental clarity, your muscle mass and skin quality (and not to mention, quickly get your body into great shape after having babies).

Kookie Karma is also coming out with new flavors of both cereal and cookies – so keep your eyes peeled. Coming to grocery shelves near you!

So that’s the latest here!
Hope everybody is doing well now that the economy is getting a bit stronger! :)

Juli Novotny

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