Julia Butterfly Hill | Sits in a Tree to save the 14-acre L.A. Urban Farm

south central farm los angeles 02 Julia Butterfly Hill | Sits in a Tree to save the 14 acre L.A. Urban Farm

As the United States heads into a deep economic depression, G Living looks back at what happened to a community urban farm in a depressed industrial part of Los Angeles. The farm was called South Central Farm and was the pride and joy of thousands low income families living in this area.

July 2006

Julia Hill, Alicia Silverstone and Daryle Hannah all are trying to save the farm.

Julia “Butterfly” Hill is sitting in a tree to try and save the trees and the 14 acre L.A. urban farm from the bulldozers.

The tree-sit has reached Day 11, and Julia Butterfly Hill is on a significant 18th day of her water-only fast. Daryl Hannah has been on the farm 24 hours a day and continues in her commitment to the farmers and the South Central Farm”s survival.

Back in 1997 Julia climbed into a 55-meter (180 foot) tall California Coast Redwood tree. Her aim was to prevent the destruction of the tree and of the forest where it had lived for a millennium. Her action epitomized the tradition of Mahatma Ghandi. She put her own life on the line to save the life of a forest that was under immediate threat of destruction.

south central farm los angeles 01 Julia Butterfly Hill | Sits in a Tree to save the 14 acre L.A. Urban Farm

She came down December 18, 1999. During the two years she spent in Luna, she attracted world-wide attention for her non-violent action in defense of the forest. She went up the tree an unknown campaigner. She came down an international symbol, the inspiration for thousands of people around the world. Her actions, both during her time in the tree and since then, in her continuing efforts to heal the rift between humans and the natural environment, entitle her to be the youngest person thus far inducted into the Ecology Hall of Fame.

Now she is trying to save a small patch of fertile land in a sea of concrete from pending destruction. With the help of the singer Joan Baez, they setup a small platform in one of the trees on a 14 -acre urban farm.

Hundreds of farmers could face evictions after The Trust for Public Land came up $10 million short in its bid to buy the site. The nonprofit group was not able to raise the $16.35 million required by the time the purchase option expired Monday.

The trust signed a contract in April with landowner Ralph Horowitz to buy 10 of the 14 acres in south Los Angeles where about 350 families, most of them working-class immigrants from Central America, tend small plots of fruits and vegetables.

Julia directing her protest at the new Latino Mayor of Los Angeles. She said ” he pledged support for the farmers but has not come through.

WHY: South Central Farm is the nation’s largest urban farm. 350 local families, disabled and retired citizens grow organic food and herbs here to feed their families and outlying communities. The farm has been bought by a developer and the farmers and community supporters are trying to raise the funds to buy it back in order to preserve this community oasis, which has been proven to guarantee safety for their children and a better quality of life.

Find out more visit southcentralfarmers.com

south central farm los angeles 03 Julia Butterfly Hill | Sits in a Tree to save the 14 acre L.A. Urban Farm

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