juliano Juliano

Juliano has a style all his own. He recently came out to Chicago to teach some classes at Karyn’s, our long standing raw restaurant. I’ve always been impressed with his food at his Santa Monica restaurant ‘Raw’, and so I was looking forward to picking up some new tricks.The best way to describe the class was chaotic. First off there were no handouts with the recipes printed out- heck, he didn’t even know what he was going to make until he was making it. He would start one dish, get distracted, start working on another dish halfway through the first, all while his assistant was working on yet a third dish. Every five seconds someone would ask what he had just put in one of the bowls which just made everything even more chaotic.

I was able to follow, but then again I’ve been at this a while. For a beginner, forget about it. This probably wouldn’t be the class for you. That being said, I did walk away with some new inspiration along with a splitting headache :).

Juliano is like a mix master. He can throw just about anything together and make it taste amazing. That is his talent. He doesn’t use measurements, he goes by taste, which is what most accomplished chefs do. There are no rules, recipes are really just a guide. And that is what I walked away with, a new found sense of adventure for creating dishes. So for all you newbie chefs out there, relax. Let the recipe be your gude and your taste buds the leader.

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