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design junkture table chic junk Junkture Table | Chic Junk

As an avid thrift store shopper and furniture restorer, I’m always happy to stumble across old or refashioned things. It sure beats filling the house with items from your local furniture store that always seem to look the same.

Pieces like the chic Junkture Table especially catch my eye. Designed with sustainability in mind, this veritable work of art is made from junk. Its centerpiece is a magnesium wheel rim recovered from a New York City junkyard, and surrounding it is black glass, which gives the table a floating sensation and casts unique shadows beneath it.

With the right inspiration, urban junk can become urban chic.

“Using recycled material is always a challenge,” says the table’s designer Beth Fuller, “because you have to take things that are used or discarded and make them into something desirable — something that people think is new and hip and beautiful. The challenge is particularly invigorating because the designer becomes an educator, teaching the public what’s actually going to the landfill, and how it can be given a new life.”

There will always be a place in my house for junk – especially when it looks like this.

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