Jurlique: For A Beauty That’s Biodynamic

jurlique anti aging 01 Jurlique: For A Beauty That’s Biodynamic

What were you doing in 1985? Angsting over St Elmo’s Fire? Harmonizing to A-ha’s Take On Me? Celebrating the birth of Keira Knightley? Or Greenland’s departure from the European Union? While you were doing some/none/all of the above, on a small farm in South Australia, chemist Jurgen Klein and his horticulturalist wife Ulrike, were quietly going about their business of starting an organic skincare line. That company was Jurlique.

It’s remarkable to think that this Aussie skincare company was founded when organic was, quite frankly, out of vogue. Let’s face it, the 80s were a celebration of the artificial: big hair, red lips and plenty of lycra. But 20 odd years on, Jurlique is an international brand and their organic skincare business is booming.

What sets Jurlique apart from other organic and natural skincare lines is their use of biodynamic farming. This involves paying close attention to soil health and to the earth’s cycles — which in turn affect all aspects of a plant’s life – from seeding to propagating to growing and harvesting. Not surprisingly, maximizing the living energy of plants maximizes the potency and efficacy of the end product.

jurlique anti aging 02 Jurlique: For A Beauty That’s Biodynamic

The Purely Age-Defying Range (formerly known as are as the Biodynamic Beauty line), consists of a Serum, Eye Cream, Night Lotion, Refining Treatment and the brilliant Day Cream with SPF, all of which are packed full of biodynamic herbs and flowers to address those annoying signs of aging like fine lines, discoloration and wrinkles. Like all of Jurlique’s products, the Purely Age-Defying Range smells heavenly, leaves the skin supple and luminous and doesn’t contain any of the chemical nasties found in conventional skincare.

But it’s not just the name that’s changed; Jurlique’s packaging has also undergone a major re-design. Although I’ll miss those iconic blue bottles with white writing, it’s time to face facts: we’re no longer living in 1985.

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