K-Fed Raising Green Kids

green kfed 002 K Fed Raising Green Kids

Kevin Federline never ceases to shock me. First he leaves his pregnant girlfriend Shar Jackson to be with Britney Spears, then he actually marries Britney amid speculation of being a slacking opportunist — and then after they split, the pop princess goes down a shame spiral of panty-free partying, rehabs and psychiatric wards while Federline turns out to be the more sane, responsible and grown up of the two.

Who would have guessed?

But with Federline (or K-Fed or Fed-Ex — whatever they’re calling him this week), there seems to be a shock at every turn. Now, according to TMZ, K-Daddy has become hip to the green. And not the kind from his former wife’s wallet. The ex-Mr. Spears was recently seen at L.A.’s Petit Tresor boutique buying four organic Robbie Adrian blankets for his kids.

robbie adrian baby blankets K Fed Raising Green Kids

No word on how Kev plans to distribute the eco-coverings, whether it’s one blanket for each kid (including his two with Shar), or two for his kids with Britney, or even all four blankets for Sean Preston. (Hey, some kids get colder than other kids.)

Or perhaps he’s intending to donate them to charity. Now that would be shocking…

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