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kaaya home sustainable decor india Kaaya for the Home | Sustainable and Harmonious

As far as I’m concerned, you can never have enough drapes or curtains. Wait — aren’t drapes and curtains the same thing? By official definition, the answer seems to be yes. But a designer friend once told me that the difference from a design standpoint is that curtains go just below the window while drapes hang to the floor. Interesting bit of trivia. How about another one? Do you know the difference between envy and jealousy? Envy is a healthy feeling that arises when someone has something and you wish you had it, too. Jealousy is a mean-spirited emotion that comes when someone has something and you wish they didn’t have it. One is harmonious, the other is not.

Which makes me envious of people with multiple sets of drapery (or curtains). It’s the easiest and most economical way to liven up or alter a room. Some people keep the same set hanging year round, while others (like me, who need variety) switch them out seasonally.

Of course, there’s a real danger of gluttony here, which is why it’s important that if you have multiple drapery sets that they’re environmentally sound and responsible. That’s where Kaaya comes in.

Employing a peaceful “ahimsa” (Sanskrit for non-violence) approach to their products, Kaaya produces handcrafted pieces for the home with a focus on balance, harmony and sustainability. While most of their offerings are made with the traditional flair of India, which doesn’t really fit with my home’s décor, I do like their curtains.

Vaina (Latin for “vanilla”) White and Gold Sheer are produced with only natural fibers and adorned with hand block printing using Azo-free vegetable dyes. This is good for you and for the planet because Azo has the potential to be carcinogenic when it hits your skin. It also doesn’t biodegrade well.

Says Kaaya on their site: “In an effort to promote sustainable production, we place a strong emphasis on using materials that are natural and renewable. Likewise, we work closely with our manufacturing partners to encourage a safe and responsible approach to both the workplace and the environment.”

So, for healthy and harmonious living, check out Kaaya. And who knows? It might just make your friends envious…which is equally healthy and harmonious.

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