Kasper Bjorke | In Gumbo

kasper Kasper Bjorke | In Gumbo

Arriving as his first full-length release, this Danish Music Award-winning artist delivers what he has been so acclaimed for. Taking a bit of stylistic impression from many electronic genres, the album primarily focuses on rave rock, disco, electro and techno. The vocals throughout the album come courtesy of FM Belfast, Blake and NYC’s the Pierces.

Deep and funky with a laidback drive; the distorted guitars and delicate melodies make for a nice contrast. Filled with epic tracks and huge mixes, it is quite clear why this artist is famed throughout the world. The neo-electro styling of “Humming Song” is silly and screwy, while the bass and percussion leaves you with a menacing tapping in your foot. With a current remix of “Liquid Propagnosia” from Tomboy making its rounds, you can soon expect further remix work from the infamous Trentmøller.

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