Kate Moss & Others Refuse To Share Jets

kate moss privatjet 01 Kate Moss & Others Refuse To Share Jets

Have jet, will travel. Just won’t share. That’s the answer 3,422 celebrity jet setters gave when asked to allow passengers on their private planes in an effort to go green, according to an article on Ahlan! Live. How many rich & famous flyers agreed to share their privates? Only a paltry 78. The names of the generous were not mentioned in the article, but among the un- were Kate Moss, Madonna, Simon Cowell and, surprisingly, Al Gore.

I guess some people never learned how to share their toys. Or maybe they learned but found the concept unsatisfying or repellant. Al clearly gets off the hook for security reasons, but Kate Moss? What makes her so special? According to Ahlan! Live, Kate’s people simply said the arrangement would be “impractical”.

It’s a shame when saving the planet interferes with one’s practicality.

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