Kent Mango Cream Tart

jana kent mango cream tart 01 Kent Mango Cream Tart

Organic Kent Mango Cream Tart (raw)

This is one of those desserts your guests will really remember.

Makes about 4-5 small tarts

For the Crust:

2 Cups Almonds

1/2 Cup Dried Coconut

1 TB Coconut Butter

2 tsp. Lime Zest

2 TB Agave Syrup

1 tsp. Vanilla Extract

1/2 tsp. Salt

jana kent mango cream tart 02 Kent Mango Cream Tart

Crust Process the Almonds and the Dried Coconut and Salt in a food processor until it becomes a fine meal. Add the rest of the ingredients and process again until it clumps together in a ball. Remove the dough and press it into the bottom of 4 4” tart pans with removable bottoms. Place these in the freezer to set while you work on making the creme filling to go inside it.

For the Filling:

3 Cups Fresh Kent Mangos

1/2 Cup Coconut Butter

1 TB Vanilla Extract

1 TB Lime Juice

1/2 Cup Agave or Maple

1/8 tsp. Salt

FillingBlend the ingredients in a blender until smooth and creamy. Take out your tart shells and with a spatula, fill each tart shell with the creme filling. Cover each tart and place in your fridge to set for 4-5 hrs. Once it is set, remove the wrap and place sliced fresh whole Kent Mango slices on top and serve. Lovely.

  • Esther

    Lighter? I think that’s a little misleading when there is 1 cup of almonds, 1/4 cup of coconut butter and 1/4 cup agave per person…

  • Alethea

    I just made these, they are chilling in the fridge right now. I couldn’t help myself and sampled one and it was heaven!! My cooked family are going to love these :)

    Thanks Jana!

  • Jana

    Esther, I think the editor was just looking at them being small and fruit based and light tasting. I took that out though, because it's not exactly accurate since they are not non-fat or anything. The serving size is completely wrong though. They make far more then 2 tarts, it's more like 4-5, so I'll change that too. I'd have to make them again to check, but it's at least 4. So, it's more like just 1/3 cup of almonds and a couple TB of coconut oil per tart, and you probably wouldn't eat it all at once.

  • Jana

    I'm glad that you liked them Alethea. The crust in the recipe is actually different then what is in the photo, as when I made them the measurements were completely wrong and made the crust too moist and falling apart, which I changed for the written recipe. So they should actually look and taste better then they do in the photos. I haven't made them in a really long time, but I think I will again, and hopefully get some better photos. It is the type of recipe though that really depends on how good the mangos you get are. When I had made them, I had found some amazing tasting mangos that I was making a bunch of things with at the time. It is far more difficult I have found to find organic mangos that have much of a flavor or taste as the mangos I had used did, when I am even able to find organic mangos. If you have a good source of them, then you can make all kinds of things. I have a mango colada coming up, mango sherbet, and a mango cheesecake that will be posted in the near future.

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  • GlennaKnits

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  • iamjohnwilliams

    Im @swirlzfroyo enjoying some ta with mochi, mango, strawberries, and fruity pebbles.

  • AlohaYogurt

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  • Rainaa

    Hello Jana,

    I am a student in Canada applying to a design program. I am contacting you in the hopes that I can use a portion of the first image in this recipe as a part of my portfolio to help show food magazine design.

    I would give photo credit and it would only be used once in the interview with the school and tossed afterwards.

    I look forward to hearing back from you.

    Thank you, Raina

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