American’s Unwanted Nature / Time For Gray Wolves To Become The Prey Once Again

wolves targets again 01 Americans Unwanted Nature / Time For Gray Wolves To Become The Prey Once Again

A few weeks ago we posted about South Africa not wanting their Elephants and allowing them to be killed once again in mass. Well, now it’s our turn. The United State has officially removed the Gray Wolf from the Endangered Species Act in Idaho and Montana. Which is a very low key way of saying to the world, come shoot them. Yes, once again, you can kill yourself one of those big bad wolves. Jennifer Buonatony, a G Living writer wrote about this possibility last year, when the Bush Administration started the process to make the de-listing a reality. Lucky enough for the Wolves, President Bush was un-successful before leaving office earlier this year and when President Obama took office, one of his first acts was to suspend the plan to remove them from the Endangered list. By taking this action, President Obama protected an estimated two-thirds of the gray wolf population which would have been affected by the plan—meaning that 1,000 out of almost 1,500 wolves where saved. Now that is all gone and those wolves are once again walking targets.

According to the Federal Government the decision to remove those wolf populations was based on sound conservation science—a fact greatly disputed in conservation circles. For unlike the bald eagle, whose population is still rising after being delisted in 1995, when the wolf is removed from the ESA it will face a very motivated horde of hunters, which will lead to the inevitable decline in individuals. In fact, they will most likely find themselves on the popular Auction Ebay site along the side of the other American Predator species, such as Bears and Cougars.

wolves targets again 03 Americans Unwanted Nature / Time For Gray Wolves To Become The Prey Once Again

wolves targets again 05 Americans Unwanted Nature / Time For Gray Wolves To Become The Prey Once Again

Here is why this is so crazy, remember we already did this once. We almost completely wiped the wolves out because they bothered to be part of the ecosystem we wanted to take control of. We view nature as a raw material, which is ours to process into products. When something or someone gets in the way, such as, wolves, coyotes and prairie dogs we just simply destroy their populations.

This is how the American cattle rancher of the 1800’s viewed the western frontier. Great land to raise cheap beef cattle. They hated the Gray Wolf who was a fast moving, capable predator able to take down their cattle. In fact, over the last 2000 years, humans have been the major cause of wolf mortality and have even re-shaped the natural territory which they need to survive. The fate of the wolf in America was sealed when Congress established the federal Bureau of Biological Survey and its Division of Predator and Rodent Control in 1915. The mission of this Bureau, was to eliminate wolves and other large predators from all federal lands at the taxpayer expense. By the middle of the 20th Century, government-sponsored extermination had wiped out nearly all gray wolves in the Lower 48 states. Only a small population remained in northeastern Minnesota and Michigan.

Are American’s really going to let this happen all over again. There are currently a mere 9,000 wolves living within the entire United States. Compare this to the massive population of humans, which is currently at around 300 Million. Could we possibly be this selfish? We set no limitation on the human populations, but as soon as another species, even begins to establish any kind of numbers, we pull out the guns once again.

wolves targets again 02 Americans Unwanted Nature / Time For Gray Wolves To Become The Prey Once Again

wolves targets again 04 Americans Unwanted Nature / Time For Gray Wolves To Become The Prey Once Again

  • rosemary

    The Governors of Idaho and Wyoming offered a bounty for each wolf shot … free reign to kill is a trophy hunters dream and a nightmere for the innocent wolves who unlike humans exhibit complete loyalty to their family and the pack ! I am thoroughly dismayed and disgusted as are many on and and every other advocacy site up and running ! Start signing petitions and remain vigilant… being a voice for the voiceless , for the Gray Wolves is our responsibility as Care Takers for all our Relations !

  • Marie Gilman

    The human race is becoming daily more and more insane! When is it going to end? We need a Global Ban on using any part of any wild animal for profit. If I were an American I would campaign for an end to HUNTING per se, which seems to be in their genes. How did this evolve? Is it from the pioneering days? At least in the UK we have a law banning hunting with dogs (an evil upper-class English habit) and when they surreptitiously try to get around the law, protestors will make things impossible for them to continue, getting the Police involved to enforce the law. A few short years ago in the UK we had a campaign against FUR COATS (I didn't see similar action in the USA) but people are now starting to wear animal skins again without shame. So the campaign must start again. We have to look around every corner for these blatant environmental catastrophies, and campaign incessantly and massively on a worldwide basis. Trouble is, only a fraction of us read these pages!!!

  • biscuits

    i love wolves and i think all of this is wrong

  • Marie Gilman

    Words, feelings, actions required NOW, to bring an end to slaughter and cruelty, and the endless greed of this shameful society we live in. E-Bay must step up their responsibility for these issues and STOP accepting sales of animal parts and skins. Contact your politicians to exert pressure on E-Bay. Mass media must get off the sidelines and get involved. Prime-time graphic exposures are required . Everyone is responsible. We must fight "political correctness" and quash certain freedoms in our society. We must FIGHT THE APATHY!

  • Stu Harris

    What the hell is the matter with you? Killing off one of the most sweet and affectionate creatures on the face of this planet. Nothing but a bunch of trigger happy and ungodly goons who one day will suffer a worse fate if you do not begin to clothe yourself in a right mind.
    How could the government condone this? May judgement befall you and may your conscience condemn you. Stop this now. Also, dear Ebay administration, how could you? May you lose business like never before, and learn what it really means to buy into this utter wickedness.

  • carrie

    killing the wolves is wrong they are just trying to survive they are beautiful creatures

  • Robin

    More important than the fact that these are beautiful, innocent animals is the actual role they play in our ecosystem. Killing off a natural predator will have unforeseen ripple effects. So do something about it:

  • motocalichic_88

    Favorite pa charlie hunting the wolves and the wolves hunting victoria. Song is awesome also

  • LishaMosure

    To Sarah Palin…you redneck twit…shut up, go away, get an education; and thanks for legalizing ariel hunting of wolves you healess

  • Lovebot10

    Read an online aicle about hunting "quotas" going up in Yellowstone for wolves.If truly a "managed" population,why not spay/neuter?

  • Lovebot10

    Read an online aicle about hunting “quotas” going up in Yellowstone for wolves.If truly a “managed” population,why not spay/neuter?

  • Celesta Wolf

    How dare you! They are harmless beautiful creatures. Only morons would make them “dangerous” or “Protective!” of their pack. They want no trouble, so leave them alone! I am a “protector” of a wolf pack and I gave them the name “SilverWolf”. Because most of them are gray. Some of the members are Cowboy. He is a wild one and the alpha male. Shifter, she can change her personality in a second and she is my favorite. Snow, she is white and very play-full. Unfortunately the alpha female was killed by one of the hunters! So since she is gone “Cowboy” has to hunt a lot so I’m out watching the pups so they don’t get into trouble. I’m 15 and they live out in my local woods. Ya I know, 15? Hey at least I’m not the one who endangered the creatures in the first place! They want no business from you! Thank you for my fellow followers who want to protect these beautiful creatures. Keep up the good work.

  • Tori03

    Ok im 15 as well and i agree with you ive been around wolves and know many people that raise them for their saftey and my dog bear is part wolf as well as his mother angel so yea good work and good luck with the wolves so on an so forth your doing the right thing just watch out for their temper :)

  • Piginpoke

    I….I…..I have nothing to say to this but one, wolves were NEVER pray! and they’ll never be!!!!!!!!!! There kind animals i know it my self, there’s a trail i n the wood a couple miles from my house and i got there every other day and once i saw a wolf it was so beautiful i saw it lots of times after and it loves me now i”m like sister to it! he’s a good wolf he and his pack love me like one of them!!!!!!!!! even tho im a ten year old girl i love them too and so should YOU!!!!!!!!1

  • Megan Green

    i am 15 as well going on 16, and its moraly wrongto kill them, their our brothers! they live and think just like we do! well, except for the distruction of other creatures, they hunt for only what they need! they live a pritty much perfict life, in balence with nature, the way we should, and used to live!!!!
    we can learn a lot from them! but unfortinantly we dont give them a chance!

  • Megan Green

    the thing that people today dont see is that wolve know how to love better than us. their love is true and forever, and ours… is not.

  • kim

    let them be

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