Kite Sailing Yacht | Cool Design | But Green?

kite sail 02 Kite Sailing Yacht | Cool Design | But Green?

If you’re the type of person that enjoys flying kites and sailing boats, the Kite Sailing Kitano Yacht designed by German designer Stefanie Krücke is your dream come true. Put simply, it literally has a kite for a sail.

Boasting luxury and eco-consciousness, it looks like it sailed right out of a James Bond flick. But does its sleek design and “look at me” flash live up to its hype?

In other words, why on earth would you trade in your traditional sail for a kite?

According to the designer, the kite has less surface area than a normal sail, but still generates enough force so that even a gentle breeze lifts the hull to a planing speed. Once airborne, the kite is able to reach heights that a traditional sail cannot, and higher altitude allows the kite to find stronger winds, equaling more speed. And on a calm day, it can mean the difference between floating along and actually sailing. In addition, the design includes a hydraulically operated centerboard which allows the boat to sail in shallow waters and littorals (seashore) with less risk. The boat can accommodate up to eight passengers comfortably.

kite sail 03 Kite Sailing Yacht | Cool Design | But Green?

Judging by the photos, it is hard to imagine how this capsule can fit eight passengers in luxury as advertised, and since the measurements appear so small on the website, it’s hard to get a feel for how small or large the “sail-boat” you’re purchasing really is.

Not to mention… there’s no mention of the price.

In addition, further research provided me no further information. So, what exactly makes the ship eco-friendly? Is the sail itself made out of sustainable, green materials? Is it the efficiency of the hydraulics centerboard? Employing hydraulics would lead me to believe that the ship employs a system of turning moving water into energy or hydropower, but this is never explained.

Sure, it’s a stylish design… but “totally green”? Not so sure about that.

kite sail 04 Kite Sailing Yacht | Cool Design | But Green?

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