Kookie Karma Review | Organic Cookies

kookie karma cookies Kookie Karma Review | Organic Cookies

They sell these at my Whole Foods, of course right smack in front of every cash register as you check out to tempt you to splurge. I’ve tried the Raw Cherry Cashew, the Raw Granola Bar, the Raw Lemon Fig and the Holistic Chocolate Chip. I can’t wait to try all the flavors. The Holistic Chocolate Chip is not a raw one. There is quite a bit of natural sea salt in it, which makes it surprisingly good and unique.

These tasty treats cannot be compared to standard cookies though. With the quality of ingredients and type of ingredients in these cookies, like organic nuts and seeds, a closer comparison would be to organic food bars. They are comparable in nutrition and health to any pure organic nutrition bar on the market, and are date-free. And they are comparable in price to them at about $2 each. At 2 ounces per cookie they are denser then non-organic Lara Bars, and have a lot more flavor. When I eat one, it is always gone within 60 seconds. They contain no cheap flours, no grains, no dairy, no cooked oils, and no high glycemic sweeteners. Sweetened with just Agave and/or Xylitol. These cookies might as well be called karma-free kookies, cause it’s the indulgence without paying a price afterwards. I love Uncle Eddie’s Cookies, but I don’t deny that I feel the negative health effects almost immediately when I eat them. Just very heavy and oily, and very sugary. I guess it’s a cost/rewards calculation. Luckily with these there is nothing to compute, except for how many are in your budget.

They have a sweet site too, where you can order online!

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