Kronan Bike | Classic Style Leaves Newer Technologies in the Dust

kronan bike giveaway Kronan Bike | Classic Style Leaves Newer Technologies in the Dust

Despite the many ingenious strides forward in harnessing solar and wind power for personal transportation, theres still no greener ride than your basic human-powered bicycle. Two wheels, a set of pedals and a place to sit is all you need to get from A to B. You don’t need a sail blowing in the breeze or photovoltaics soaking up the sun. If you can move your legs, you can travel — regardless of the weather or the rising cost of gasoline.

The chain driven bicycle has been around for almost 125 years. It existed long before the green movement and it will certainly outlive the gas/electric hybrid (and perhaps even our planet’s oil supply). How do I know this? Because there exists no other vehicular device that’s as simple to operate and has so many practical uses, from transportation to recreation to exercise. The bike keeps pedaling on as other technologies disappear in its dust. And while computers have gotten smaller (as their memories have gotten bigger), the bike has stayed relatively the same for the past hundred years. It’s classic. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s untouchable; it’s just that there’s no need to touch it.

kronan bike giveaway 2 Kronan Bike | Classic Style Leaves Newer Technologies in the Dust

The Kronan bicycle is a perfect example. This Swedish classic dates back to the 1940s and has remained simple, stylish and durable. Rather than 37 flavors or 57 varieties, the basic Kronan comes in a man’s or woman’s model with your choice of color and a few handy but optional accessories.

Though the bike (originally created for the Swedish Army) has been updated from its original form with gears, front hub brakes (in addition to standard pedal brakes) and front and rear lights for safety, the design is as classic as the bike concept itself. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it ? just widen your distribution. Though long a popular export item, the Kronan is officially coming to America this spring. And you can enter to win one by visiting Tretorn’s website.

While the contest is only available for a limited time, the bicycle itself is forever.

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