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Strong, sexy and provocative. This is how Dutch style-conscious jean label Kuyichi describes their customers. With a name derived from the Peruvian god of the rainbow, Kuyichi are arguably the coolest threads to come out of Amsterdam since Viktor and Rolf. Their collection of jeans, tops, hoodies, dresses and T-shirts are Gap with an edge. Casual, yet rock ‘n’ roll. Pair them with some woollen tights, a skinny tie or a pair of Converse and you’re ready for your close-up.

Kuyichi was born in 2000 from the NGO, Solidaridad, who wanted to introduce organic cotton to the Dutch clothing industry. After a chilly reception, they went it alone. The result was the birth of their contemporary and cutting edge label, which is as stylish as its conscious.

kuyichi fashion 02 Kuyichi | Not A Japanese Pop Star

kuyichi fashion 03 Kuyichi | Not A Japanese Pop Star

In fact, they take the conscious bit so seriously they’re part of the Organic Revolution. This is how Kuyichi roll: 1) They choose organic because 25% of the world’s insecticides are used to grow conventional cotton, which pollutes the environment, kills wildlife and makes people ill; 2) They’re fair trade, because it’s a fact that the conventional cotton industry employs child labor; and 3) They insist on transparency by way of their unique track and trace initiative,which opens to the door to consumer awareness and involvement.

The only bummer about these jeans is that they’re only sold in Europe.

kuyichi fashion 04 Kuyichi | Not A Japanese Pop Star

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    The biggest bummer about Kuyichi is, that they still use leather, also on their organic jeans. They told me that they are going to use recycled leather but that is still the skin of a dead being.

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