G Living’s LIVE: A New Weekly Format Bursting with Green Talent

Things are definitely winding up in a good way at G Living. The crew and guests on our LIVE show had such a blast Sunday and Monday, learning, sharing stories and information, finding inspiration in each other – not your typical tv production environment – a modern home in Venice Canals, a minimal crew, our talented hosts…including Boise Thomas and Tara McNamara…for those wondering what’s been happening, we are reformatting the show- and will be back online next week. Meanwhile, yeah, shooting has been superfun.

Vanessa Sherwood, our Green Chef from Chicago, turned us on to a mind-blowing 10-dish medley of raw exotic summer recipes – so amazing I can only say stand back and stay tuned. Vietnamese spring rolls, Summer’s Bounty exotic summer salad, raw chocolate ice cream, ginger limeade, jerk-marinated vegetable skewers, lemon-strawberry trifle and more…

Monica Gilchrist of Santa Monica – based Global Green USA visited us after returning from last week’s green architectural design competition in New Orleans with Brad Pitt, and schooled us on some of the basics of affordable green home design. Global Green USA utilizes cutting-edge community-based projects to address three of the greatest challenges facing humanity: stemming global climate change by building green buildings and cities, eliminating weapons of mass destruction that threaten lives and the environment, and providing clean safe drinking water for the 2.4 billion people who lack access to clean water. Here are 10 tips for greening your home.

Brad Pitt: “Right now 45 percent of our pollution comes from the creation of our buildings and the operation of our buildings, which is a staggering number.”

Fashion + sustainability design maverick Anna Cohen visited us (that’s her mini-skirt in the photo) along with savvy eco-fashion retail entrepeneur Summer Bowen. Both were part of last week’s eco-fashion big splash introduction in L.A., Eco Petal fashion show in Hollywood at House of Petals, where dozens of eco-designers adorned runway models (including guest host Rainbeau Mars) with high-end fashion garments made out of organic cotton, bamboo, soy, hemp and using sustainable dyes…considering the entire life cycle of the product from raw materials to end of use as well as transportation and fair trade.

After visits from savvy entrepeneurs Leigh Sauser of Seduction Chocolat in Laguna and Jim Derner’s Clean Living of Santa Monica, we also learned tons talking with Earth Friendly Moving‘s Spencer Brown, who is rocketing along with an ingenius approach to recycling that will definitely redefine the moving and packing industry nationwide in the very near future, saving everyone cash while mining landfills and planting trees along the way. Cool.
ok, that doesn’t include next generation holistic healers Marc Ryan and Olesia Farberov, the gifts from humble local raw food chefs / entrepeneurs Rod Rotundi of Leaf Cuisine and Matt Amsden of Euphoria Loves RAWvolution we invited over the week before, or many other great folks that are about to come your way on our new weekly LIVE format…

Stay inspired (!)

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