Lake Side Shipping Container House | Cove Park

shipping container lakehouse 02 Lake Side Shipping Container House | Cove Park

Could you ever imagine being envious of people who live in Shipping Containers? Well, now you can, because the Cove Park project is just that good. A dreamy water side home complete with a grass roof.

Cove Park is a centre for established artists situated on the west coast of Scotland in 50 acres of spectacular countryside.

In 2002, Container City created three en-suite accommodation units (known as ‘cubes’) to act as artist retreats. In order to blend into the rural surroundings sliding glass doors were installed that lead out onto the decked balcony that extends over a lake with beautiful views of Loch Long.
Due to the success of the first three units, three more have been commissioned and are due for completion in June 2006.

Cove Park is situated on a 50-acre site overlooking Loch Long on the Rosneath peninsula. Located on the fringes of the Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park, the peninsula is an area of outstanding natural beauty.

shipping container lakehouse 04 Lake Side Shipping Container House | Cove Park

shipping container lakehouse 03 Lake Side Shipping Container House | Cove Park

The site itself has a varied history. Initially farm land, it was used during the Second World War to store ammunition. Subsequently it became a conservation park, dedicated to the preservation of indigenous plants, flowers and wildlife. Cove Park maintains these environmental concerns: the site is home to highland cattle and sheep, and has fields set aside for wild orchids and other native plants. Cove Park’s Estate Manager, Alan Lemay, is responsible for the development of the site and its livestock.

About Cover Park:
Cove Park’s 2008 programme began in April and continues until November. This is our most comprehensive programme to date, bringing together over fifty national and international artists working in a wide variety of art forms and at all stages in their careers. We offer up to ten residencies at any one time and these residencies may last from one week to six months.

Artists are given the time, space and freedom to concentrate on the development of their work. Cove Park provides a supportive context in which artists can devise new projects, experiment and engage with artists working in different fields or with different approaches to their practice.

Cove Park is happy to support and facilitate the production of specific projects during residencies and, equally, to ensure that those artists who wish to develop new ideas without the constraints of the completion of a final piece of work are free to do so. The opportunity for individual research and development is enhanced through the interaction and discussion that takes place between the artists on residency. This is facilitated through a series of informal events, artists talks and presentations.

Architecture Firm: USM Ltd

shipping container lakehouse 01 Lake Side Shipping Container House | Cove Park

shipping container lakehouse 05 Lake Side Shipping Container House | Cove Park

  • deepti bharthur

    Great feature and wonderful photos. I especially appreciate the fact that both the political and the ecological history of the place wil be preserved through this project. Its more of these kind of efforts at conservation that are required. However it’s not exactly affordable to the general public is it? I am assuming it isn’t because the clientele mentioned in the article is ‘established artists’. Why do all efforts at g living have to be so expensive and high end? I think it’s an issue that we need to address. Thinking about the ecology shouldn’t a pass time of simply those who can afford it. It should be a more far reaching concern.

  • Shireen

    Absolutely love it. Thanks for sharing.

    Any info on how to get in touch with this group?

  • Abadeu

    Makes me know that i should continue working on my plans for an anywhere anytime living solution with a shipping container


    L'idèe de transformer des containers en habitation est genial,en plus il n'y a plus qu'a l'habiller comme on veut:-en clin de bois,en ciment,en peinture…Le dessus peut etre vegetalisè ou transformè en terrasse bref cela peut devenir la cabane de ses revesC'est magnifique!

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