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lara miller Lara Miller | Chicago Chic

Don’t blow off Chicago when it comes green fashion. Thanks to her versatile ethical designs, Lara Miller has been named the Windy City’s “Best Indie Designer”. If you’re already a Miller fan, you’ll be familiar with her trademark “flip” garments like the Jasmine sweater made from 100% hand-loomed bamboo which “can be worn three entirely unique ways: as a cowl neck top, a pullover with an attached capelet or even as a long dress”.

Not only it is imaginative and original, but by buying one, you’re exercising your right to sustainability.

Inspired by architecture, the backbone of Miller’s designs is geometry. Once donned, each angular line caresses the curves of a woman’s body. The line can be twisted, wrapped and flipped upside down to reveal a totally new garment. Organic shapes are grounded by classic pieces with precise fit, which together to create smart, clean sophistication.

For Spring 2008, Miller has delivered a totally different look and feel. Models have that Robert Palmer “addicted to love” look — there may not be guitars, but the clothes ooze a similar sex appeal. Fabric-wise, Miller replaces her trademark knits with lighter cloths like organic cotton jersey, organza and seaweed.

The result? Skirts that double as a halter dresses, tube tops that become miniskirts and shirts that morph in midriffs.

So, here’s an advance suggestion: if you wanna rock Lara Miller’s versatile, sustainable designs this spring, two words: tone up.

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