Larabar’s Organic Jocalat

larabar 01 Larabars Organic Jocalat

LARABAR makes pretty darn good energy bars that are perfect to take along on any outdoor adventure. They are affordable, raw, vegan, gluten-free, nutritious and easy to pack. The only problem is they are not Organic. Sounds a little counterintuitive since they are raw and vegan, right?

Well, LARABAR must have realized the same thing because they just recently introduced a new line of ORGANIC chocolate bars called Jocalat (formerly known as Maya Bars). Flavors include traditional Chocolate, Chocolate Organic, Chocolate Mint, Chocolate Coffee.

You can find these brownie style bars in most health food stores nationwide. Or on the LARABAR web site.

  • Caleb

    Interesting. I didn't realize these are not Organic. I am actually about to make my own Laura Bars though to be posted on my blog soon. They are really simple to make at home with a dehydrator.

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