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November started with the New York City Marathon. I wasn’t able to run it, unfortunately, since I tried to enter about four months ago and it had already sold out. However, we did have a Vega booth at the Health and Fitness Expo. It spanned three days and saw 70, 000 plus visitors, many of which came by the Vega booth.

It was there that I met Adam Jacobs, Editor-in-Chief of The Final Sprint, an on-line endurance sport magazine. He wrote-up Vega.

While in NYC I was able to eat at Pure Food and Wine one evening. It’s an up-scale raw restaurant that really must be experienced. It was amazing. I had eaten dessert there once before, but this time I had a full meal. In fact it was the first sit-down meal that I had eaten in about two months. Normally I just graze and keep moving, but this was a good reason to stop and take in some really special food. Sarma is the chef. She also has an excellent line of raw products that can be found on-line or in some Whole Foods Markets on the East coast.

From there it was on to The Vegan Holiday Festival in Portland, OR. This was the first time this event was held, and I must say, it was as flawlessly put together as any event that I’ve ever attended. So, congratulations to all involved and who made it a success.

I spoke at the event and chatted with people after at the Vega booth. I’m very impressed with Portland and its progressive stance. I’d say it’s one of the leading cites in the nation for environmental consciousness and plant-based eating.

From there it was on to Seattle for the Health and Fitness Expo that accompanied the marathon. About 30, 000 attendees, again very progressive and positive.

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