LEDs and the Art of Inflatable Lighting

balloonfinal1 LEDs and the Art of Inflatable Lighting

Think LEDs are just for your TV, remote control or cell phone? Guess again. Once the tireless workhorse of the electronics industry, LEDs have become the darling of the design world — making inspired appearances in modern day chandeliers, textiles, furniture, and multimedia art. And guess what? Some modern offerings are actually affordable — like this cluster of blow-me-away Balloon Lamps by Japanese design studio Kyouei Ltd.

Did I say affordable? These mood setting lanterns are available for $30 each at Charles & Marie. The lamp arrives flat, ready for you to give it some life. Snap the balloon on to the fixture, and blow into the valve until the lamp has reach your desired dimensions. Suspend them individually, or in a constellation designed by — why, you.

balloon single2 LEDs and the Art of Inflatable Lighting

So cool it’s hot
The lamps are powered by LEDs, which trump traditional incandescent bulbs in energy efficiency. And since they don’t burn a filament to create heat, they last longer and stay cooler. Each Balloon Lamp is powered by a single LED that will stay lit for a continuous 100 hours. But the on/off switch lets you set the pace, not to mention the mood.

Kyouei’s range of lighting options are sold all over the world. Visit the website for a list of stores.

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