LENY | The Power of Celebrity

leny clothingline 02 LENY | The Power of Celebrity

Undoubtedly, indubitably, definitely: celebrity sells. There’s no doubt about it. For any designer — green or otherwise — nothing gets your garb flying off the racks like having it worn by A-listers in the league of Kate Moss, Jade Jagger or Gwyneth Paltrow.

But what if these celebrities were the designers themselves? This is the perspicacious premise behind LENY (Limited Edition New York), a tee shirt and tote line that donates its net profits to environmental causes.

leny clothingline 03 LENY | The Power of Celebrity

Harnessing the creative power of celebrities, fashionistas and designers such as Shalom Harlow, Diane Von Furstenburg and Richard Branson, LENY products are all limited editions and are sold at most prestigious boutiques and department stores at premium prices (think $200 for a tee) to generate maximum desirability.

The brainchild of Mariel Gamboa, her thinking behind the label was “to mobilize the fashion industry into doing good.” For its first year, proceeds from LENY sales will go to Al Gore’s The Climate Project. Certainly a fashionable choice.

So, if you want Helena Christensen’s bag or if you fancy rubbing your shoulders (inside) Collette’s tee, check out LENY. It’s for a good cause.

leny clothingline 04 LENY | The Power of Celebrity

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