Leonardo DiCaprio Buys A Green Condo

leonardo dicaprio green condo Leonardo DiCaprio Buys A Green Condo

One of Hollywood’s most environmentally conscious personalities (he was among the first celebrity hybrid owners) has gotten even greener by purchasing a unit in a green-minded New York building called Riverhouse.

Located in a well-to-do part of Battery Park City and overlooking the Hudson River (which provides a spectacular view of the Statue of Liberty), the LEED-certified gold building features (according to E! online) “a pholtovoltaic grid atop the building allowing tenants to soak up plenty of solar energy; park-style foliage planted atop 75 percent of all open roof space; 264 units decked out with locally obtained renewable materials and low- or nonpollutant paints, sealants and adhesives; and air and water filters to make sure its well-heeled residents aren’t sucking in anything nasty with their morning breath of fresh air.”

Less green but equally lush are the building’s built-in dog spa, bakery, fitness center and branch of the NY Public Library (!) – all of which could earn eco-friendly points if you consider that such in-house services (at least if used frequently) keep you from using fossil fuels.

I’m sure naysayers are going complain that buying a second residence is more wasteful than green (Leo already owns a home in L.A.), Leo gets a big King-of-the-World thumbs up from me for continuing to set an eco-friendly example.

Besides, the building is really sweet. Click here to check it out.

(via E! online)

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