Leonardo DiCaprio Wears Green On His Sleeve And Flies Commercial

leonardo dicaprio Leonardo DiCaprio Wears Green On His Sleeve And Flies Commercial

When Leonardo DiCaprio was in Cannes promoting his new documentary film The 11th Hour, at the press conference one of the reporters put him on the spot grilling him about his own environmental impact from flying around so much to promote his movies. DiCaprio answered the reporter smoothly by saying that he tries to fly commercial as much as he can. It is kind of odd how all these celebrities and personalities in the spotlight are doing the “green” thing simply by not flying in private jets.

Meanwhile the rest of us are pushed to feel guilty about our occasional flights on commercial airlines. Just goes to show how relative this whole being greener thing is. What or whom do we measure it by? We really can’t compare everyone. Just start where we are and try to do better and better. There are a lot of jobs, even ones promoting green lifestyles and global issues that require a lot of traveling.

There’s just not a lot of ways of getting around it. And the rich and famous frequently make use of private jets to get around. Obviously the allure of traveling by private jet is understandable. We all know how crappy it is to fly commercial. To go through all of the security, all of the waiting around, and baggage claim etc. Especially being a highly recognizable celebrity, taking public transportation is probably even more intruding with all the people and attention they must attract. If you had all that money and probably many opportunities that arriving in a private jet was paid for you, it’d probably be quite enticing as well. So, really, it’s quite admirable when celebrities shun those kinds of privileges and perks and sacrifice their own comfort and privacy to travel a far less damaging way. I guess it’s like turning down a half naked hot chick trying to seduce you in your hotel room. The next step is obviously to travel less and buying carbon offset credits.

  • john


    Do your own research , your being brainwashed.

    What evidence do you have apart from di caprios films and Al Gores infamous chart.

    Al gore is brainwashing our kids, saying Polar bears and Penguins can't swim.

    He has alot of money in carbon, he is making BILLIONS. Haven't you read the leaked climate gate emails?

    Man-made carbon dioxide emissions throughout human history constitute less than 0.00022 percent of the total naturally emitted from the mantle of the earth during geological history. Businesses emit more then 95% of carbon emissions.

    You have no idea what your sleep walking into. Its called New World Order.


    Atleast respect yourself enough to research it!

  • Mi-Girl

    The above is true. Read Michael Creighton's "State of Fear." It uses a novel format to show how the data reveals there IS NO GLOBAL WARMING. Al Gore revealed the true motive of this lie when he was talking about ushering in global governance. It's a tactic from Hitler, tell a big enough lie often enough and people will believe it, and that for a lie to work, really big ones work the best. As Michael Creighton mentions, global warming is politicized science, that is, junk science used to promote a political agenda, just like Eugenics was used by Hitler.

    However, that doesn't mean we shouldn't take care of the environment. But to note…pollution is far far worse in communist countries like China where there are no private property rights.

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