Leonardo DiCaprio’s Green Resort

dicaprio island Leonardo DiCaprios Green Resort

Good news, travelers! Leonardo DiCaprio has bought an island and you’re all invited… if you have the money to go.

So, along with whatever supermodel he’s dating this week, I think it’s safe to say Leo officially has everything. I’ll bet he’s fun to shop for.

You may be asking yourself what a celebrity needs with 104 acre piece of beachfront property off the coast of Belize (and I’m happy to report it’s not for a sequel to “The Beach”). Well, Leo – known environmentalist – is teaming up with Four Seasons to create a green resort. Hammers and nails should starting flying sometime in 2008.

What’s to be expected from such a resort? Well, the satisfaction of knowing that your good times can be had and all the while the planet isn’t being burnt to the ground has its obvious benefits, but are the benefits that great?

I suppose this all seems fine and dandy, open and shut, but I think you need to take a closer look. It’s nice that Leo is trying to throw one up for mother earth, but who really benefits from this? Who’s going to this tropical paradise and with what money? I know I won’t be there. Sure, I’d love to ride a dolphin through a fire hoop, eat mercury free fish and live in a world where I have a flying rocket ship and a talking dog, but it seems fair to say that this is more for show than anything of substance.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that the twelve people on the planet who will be afforded the opportunity to go to Leo’s Isle might not really have the effect that one might have hoped for. It’s the average Joe who needs a Greened Hotel, but being green these days isn’t exactly cheap, so there’s got to be another way to get the message out there.

Is a multi-million dollar super resort in the middle of the ocean really necessary? You be the judge. But I bet your answer will vary with the size of your billfold.

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