Let’s shift green from “Hype to Habit”

Okay, it’s been a couple years since The Inconvenient Truth, so I’m guessing by now we all know the ten green commandments by heart: 1. Carry reusable bags; 2. Hummers (even hydrogen-powered ones) are a joke; 3. Switch to energy efficient light bulbs; 4. Use organic skincare; 5. Don’t badmouth polar bears; 6. Conserve water; 7. Eat less meat; 8. Skinny Bitches no longer refers to bad tempered anorexic models 9. Opt for paperless bills; 10. It’s okay to splurge on that Stella McCartney bag. Or something like that.

The point is, while we all know what we should be doing to save the planet….how many of us are actually doing it? Hmmm, thought so.

So this is why Creative Citizen (the green wiki peeps) and Causecast (the one stop philanthropy shop), decided to join forces to create Hype to Habit — a new weekly web series. Each week, we’ll deliver three eye-popping environmental stories paired with actionable solutions, so you won’t be left feeling overwhelmed and under-prepared. We believe that together our actions can move the green needle.

In this episode of Hype to Habit we’ll cast our (pink) eye over Los Angeles beaches, give you the lowdown on mountaintop removal and give you a taste of our favorite new font. Check it out.

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