Liam Neeson Puts His Bike Where His Mouth Is

liam neeson Liam Neeson Puts His Bike Where His Mouth Is

Move over, hybrid driving celebrities, Liam Neeson has one-upped you in the transportation game. Not in terms of speed, but in terms of fuel reduction.

At the launch of last month’s Bicycle For A Day global warming initiative in New York, Liam actually biked his way to the red carpet. What prompted such a healthy and fuel efficient move? Well, I’m sure the event’s title helped. But according to Ecorazzi, it was the dare posed to him by actor Matthew Modine that promised free dinner and the chance to make a statement.

“Honestly, bicycling isn’t just fun and healthy and non-polluting, it’s sexy,” said Matthew, the founder of Bicycle For A Day. “It gives you a nice rear end.”

Up next for the campaign are events in Chicago and San Francisco. For more info, check out Bicycle For A Day’s site.

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