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The most interesting thing to me about the UK’s LightHouse (aka BRE House) is its shape. Sure, it’s made from sustainable materials and boasts unrivalled efficiency in terms of its energy use, CO2 emissions and carbon footprint. And yes, it’s also the first ever net zero carbon home in the UK to receive a level 6 (the highest) Code for Sustainable Homes.

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But I just love the shape.

Designed by Sheppard Robson, this three-bedroom dwelling on the BRE Innovation Park meets Lifetime Homes and Scheme Development Standards (LDS) and was designed (via Ultimate House) using “a high performance SIPs (Structural Insulated Panel) based system which …will provide a high level of thermal insulation and performance, reducing the heat loss by potentially two thirds of a standard new house. The architectural form is defined by a sweeping roof which envelops the central design concept – a generous open-plan, top-lit, double height living space.”

Why is called the LightHouse, you ask? Evidently because it was designed to allow people to live “light” on the world’s resources.

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